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Chapter 10: A Goblin's Deal

Chapter 10: A Goblin's Deal


“So, what are we doing here?”


Karafil, the Royal Goblin, and the Crown Prince to the Goblin Kingdom, brought me to its study.

After arriving to its study, I removed the hood it gave me to hide myself. The Royal Guards had stepped out, guarding the entrance, leaving me alone with this Prince.


“Hmm. I thought you wanted answers?” Karafil waved his hand toward the side of the room. There were books lined up. “Perhaps if you do something for me, you can have some of these ‘answers’.”


“You don’t even know what kind of answers I want. I want to know how I’m being watched, how you monsters are able to move through floors, and—”


“Stop.” Karafil sent a glare at me. “First off, we aren’t these ‘monsters’. If anything, you are the monster. Invading our kingdom, assaulting our citizens. If you weren’t the least bit useful, I’d already have your head in my hands. You even insulted one of my Royal Guards, calling her an ‘it’. I could sense her anger overflowing! And watching you? Like I said before, you are in our kingdom. Our Court Sorcerer can easily spot you. My Royal Father and the Lord Chancellor decided that you needed to be dealt with. Luckily for me, however, you delivered yourself.”


Wait—these Goblins actually have genders? Although they were just mobs, I suppose that I  should at least refer to them correctly. And a Court Sorcerer? If there are things like this in the future, then I definitely need to find a way to hide myself. Wait… “Then can’t this sorcerer see that you are talking with me?”


“Of course not. I have a natural aura that repels such abilities. Now, let’s talk business?”


“What kind of business do you even have in mind?”


“Ah. It’s nothing much, Mr. Felix. I just want to—say—speed up my ascension to the throne. And I want you to be the one to do the deed.” Karafil seemed to have a smile of sadness appear on his face. “Ah, right. The Lord Chancellor needs to go as well. I have a replacement already set up. Sigh, if only Zilmazil were alive…”


I was stunned for a moment. To think the request was something like this.


“So,” Karafil continued, “just do this little thing for me, and I’ll see how your sentence will be. Better me than my Royal Father.”


[System Notice: Optional Quest received from Royal Goblin Paladin, Karafil Crownkeeper, the Crown Prince, Lv9:

Overthrow the Royal Goblin King and his Lord Chancellor.

Possible Reward: Favor with the new King.]


[System Notice: Do you accept? Y/N]


I accepted the Optional Quest.


[System Notice: Optional Quest accepted. Changes have been made to Floor Four. The amount of remaining mobs has decreased. New amount: 0/3.]


“Ah, great. Glad you obliged—truly.” Karafil gave out a seemingly genuine smile. “Now, let’s go meet the Lord Chancellor’s soon-to-be replacement and the Court Sorcerer to go over the plans I have in mind. Shall we?”


“The Court Sorcerer? But, isn’t it under your father’s command?”


Karafil shook his head. “He. Not ‘it’. And no, you see, the Court Sorcerer is a strong, but smart man. He’d much rather have favor with the one to succeed the throne, especially if it is one he considers a friend. Not to mention a certain grudge. Come now, I cannot wait. Put the hood back on, please.”


A grudge? I ended up following Karafil out of the room. The Royal Guards resumed their position of guarding the Prince, although it was more relaxed. We went through some hallways, and the curious servants tried to take looks at me, but knew better and kneeled or bowed as we went by. We came to a stairwell that led down.


“You all can stay here. We two have business with the Court Sorcerer. No one is allowed entry.”


The Royal Guards saluted, and assumed their position. I followed Karafil down the stairwell.


“You may remove that hood now. It will take a couple of minutes to reach the Court Sorcerer’s room.”


At the bottom of the stairwell was a wooden door. There was a lock on the outside that Karafil was currently unlocking. We started walking in.


“Ah! Karaf—” The voice stopped. There was a person there—though it wasn’t a Goblin, nor Human. I wasn’t sure what it was. It had long ears protruding the side of its head, and was furry. It wasn’t too tall, but was around the same size as the Goblins, though not as stout, much thinner. It had what looked similar to a snout, and even had a tail. What was definite, though, was the amount of magic power radiating around it. It was powerful!


[Kra’il Sorcerer, Salazar, Lv13]


“Cough, my apologies, Your Royal Highness. I was unaware there was a guest.”


Karafil stepped towards the Kra’il. “Salazar, my friend. This guest is not one to be... too wary of. Take a look.”


Salazar looked at me. “Ah! The Human. Does this mean that—”


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