The Amateur Love Part 2: The Necessary Betray

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After a week passed, it was time for Vaibhav to leave.

He was going back to his home tomorrow. So he asked me to go out and hang out one last time.

He said, “Vishal, I know past days had been a mess for you, but you are a hard guy man, sometimes destiny is completely different than what we think it to be, forget all of it. Let’s just go out. You know I am leaving tomorrow.”

I just said, “Let’s go.”

And he said, “Okay then take me to the most beautiful place here.”

Well I told him, “You’ve already been there.”

He asked, “Which one, let me know.”

I said without a pause, “the jakhoo temple, there’s nothing more beautiful and pure here than that.”

Well he wasn’t much shocked to listen that.

So he said, “Okay so take me to the second best place here.”

And that sentence just paralyzed me in the space where I was standing.

Vaibhav knew he spoke something he shouldn’t have. But still deep inside I knew he was just trying to make me happy. 

After a bit of silence I just showed large smile on my face, even it was a fake one, but I did.

Then said, “Come on Vaibhav. I’ll show you a heaven today.”

And that made a smile on his face.

We just walked a bit and suddenly my feet just stopped. They didn’t want to go any further, and maybe that place where we were going was the reason.

But still fighting my instincts I moved further but still those feet denied to go any further. Then I saw Vaibhav’s face. I saw his excitement and faith in me. So again I tried my best and accomplished to overcome my fear.  

After some time I reached there. And the moment we reached there Vaibhav was already in love with that place.

It was the favorite place of Somi, where she used to take me with her on her most happiest and the saddest moments. It was that same place as it used to be. This place had always remained the same. Not even a single change to notice every time I come here. The same wind, the same breeze and the same beauty. It just always remains the same. But the change which was there today was that Somi was not with me. But that too couldn’t stay much longer, as I heard that voice behind me,



And I was honestly stunned at that moment. It was her, all again.

I couldn’t believe that. I knew this couldn’t be a coincidence because it had happened every single time I came here. Maybe it was just destiny playing games on us.

As I turned towards the back, she just came near me hugged me so tight she had never even done before. And I was standing there the same I used to stand when she did this before. For a moment I just forgot what she had done and what pain she had provided me. For a moment I just went into a world full of happiness and joy. But again a voice came from behind. It was Vaibhav calling me. Then I remembered our past and took her off me as soon as I could. Vaibhav was a bit far from me. He couldn’t see me at the moment she was standing so near to me.

Then the first words came out of Somi’s mouth. It was, “I am sorry Vishal. I just thought you were not ready for it now. I thought I would tell you all this when you are ready for it. But it didn’t happen the way it should have. I just want you as my best friend, and I know no one can take your place for that. Please accept that and forgive me.”


I just didn’t spoke a word there, because I knew she didn’t do anything wrong. I just wiped her tears out and asked, “Where is he now.”

She said, “We broke up”

And I knew it was my entire mistake.

And then Vaibhav came, “what the hell are you doing here. Can’t you see him happy for a single moment?”

I just said Vaibhav to remain calm and quite.

Then said to Somi just a single sentence before leaving,

“I just need some time.”

And she didn’t spoke after that maybe she was upset from the words which Vaibhav told to her.

Then Vaibhav just took my hand and took me away from that place. Somi was still looking at my face. She had tears in her eyes. She was trying her best to hide them but she couldn’t. That was the day when we again became strangers as we were a long time ago.


Edited: 28.09.2019

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