The Awakening Game

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 “Court is now in session”.

These were the words that woke me up, on the weekend, after a hard and exhausting week of trials and pleas inside courtrooms that came with the hardships of being a lawyer.

I got out of bed, and it was still 11 am. I called my wife (Lara) who was visiting her family that day.

Lara, how are you, are you there yet?

John, I’m fine. How are you? Yes, I arrived half an hour ago. I wish you were here with me right now. We’re making your favorite breakfast.

She said this after letting out her enthusiastic childish giggle, which she always made when she ever felt euphoric and happy. As for me, I didn’t want to spoil that happiness, so I answered her, acting surprised:

Really! Cheese, toast and fried eggs, right?

Yes, but it’s your day off, so don’t be lazy. Get up and fix yourself some breakfast.

Yes, that’s what I’m going to do right now. And I hope you enjoy your week there and come back home quickly. You know I can’t stand it when you’re away. I love you.

After I hung up, I went to make some breakfast as I had promised (Lara), and it was still 11:40 am. I kept watching the clock, hoping that the time would go by faster, for I felt as if something was slowing it down.

I couldn’t wait for it to be 4 o’clock, since I was meeting my friend (Martin) for Pizza at a downtown restaurant called (Motown), and we were going to stay out till midnight.

I passed the time, watching (National Geographic), then writing some notes, until it was finally 3:30 pm;

Hello (Martin), how are you?

Fine. How are you (John)?

Fine. We’re getting together today as usual, right?

Sorry (John), I can’t see you today. My mother is flying home today and I have to pick her up from the airport.

Really! Give her a kiss for me. We’ll make it up next week, no problem.

Once again (John), I apologize.

There’s no need for that (Martin), no problem, I’ll see you soon. Bye.

After ending my call with (Martin), I sat in my room with nothing to do. I looked outside the window admiring the beauty of nature. Then suddenly I decided to get dressed and spend the day strolling at the beach. Despite being a chubby guy, I got dressed in such speed and grace which I don’t know the reason for, or to be more specific, I didn’t know the reason for this at the time.

I took a quick look in the mirror to check my outfit before leaving the house. Everything seemed ok. I was wearing a short white shirt, black sweatpants, a black light jacket, and my white sports shoes. Then I took my wallet, cellphone, and car keys, in case I needed it for some reason, and I put all that in my tiny backpack.

After spending some time walking down the beach, I decided to take a short rest, so I sat on one of those benches that looked like the ones at bus stops.

I sat there, examining the faces of people passing by. Some were laughing, or having an angry conversation on the phone, and there were others, just like me, with nothing to do.

I looked to my left, and there was a small boy, not more than 12. He was wearing a very elegant suit, with shiny black shoes and black sunglasses, which indicated that he came from a very rich family, and this made me wonder:

Who is that boy, and why is he standing there alone, and so still?

He had a calm face, clear light skin, and shiny golden hair. Standing close to him was a man, in his forties. I then realized he must be the boy’s father, since he looked as handsome and dignified as his son.

The boy was eating a candy bar, and after he finished it, a strong wind blew the paper wrapping out of his hands, blew it high, where it kept flying up and down, until the wind became still, and the piece of paper finally fell to the ground nearby.

And as the wrapper paper settled on the ground, I saw another boy, about 15, running quickly and firmly grabbing the piece of wrapper in utter joy.

From the way he looked, I think he was a homeless child. He had unruly hair, and his clothes and shoes were worn out. His also seemed violent and ill-mannered.

I was very surprised at the time by the boy's overjoyed manner as he picked up the empty candy wrapper. Was he too hungry, that he had hoped to find leftover piece inside?

I do not think so, because he grabbed it and was looking at it carefully. Surely he now realized it was just an empty candy wrapper, perfectly empty. Suddenly he ran up to me and asked me a strange question:

Excuse me, have you been sitting here long?

Yes, nearly half an hour ago.

Do you know who this wrapper belongs to?

I began to think, feeling very puzzled, and wanting to scream at him: Why would you ask me such a question? But I opted against it and told him that I do know the owner of the wrapper, and that it was the boy standing next to us with black sunglasses.

He then turned to me and said:

This wrapper has won a box of 12 pieces of the most expensive kind of candy bars in the world. That boy is really stupid to throw away this wrapper.

I was so furious, that my blood was boiling inside me veins, and I shouted at him; that he has no right to take the wrapper, and that it belongs to the other boy, and I asked him to hand it over, but he strongly refused.

Hanna Refaat

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