The Badboy Billionaire Stole My Heart

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Rella's Story


The night sky was starry with a sad looking moon staring at me with its pitiful eyes. The atmosphere was peaceful with cool breezes moving to and fro, but, it failed to lighten up my mood. After what I did I don't know, what will happen in the future with me. I have no energy to move a single muscle after hearing so much from my father, the retired CEO of Kl. But, what was my mistake, it was he who asked something from our company which was against its rules and regulations. Why did I end up in here? Winter is soon going to arrive and I can't start my new year, with all the troubles he'll put me in. My phone vibrated bringing me back to my current world from my world full of sorrows and grief. The caller ID was unknown, means trouble already knocked at my door. My whole body was shaking with fear of being destroyed, no to say precisely from the fear to face HIM.

I was muddled whether to receive or reject the phone call? What if it was Ashton Bryson, who investigated me and found my number or it could be his scary looking assistant? Anyways, I'd eventually have to receive the call, so why not finish the trouble right now? I dragged the button towards the right and drew my phone towards my right ear.

" Hello? Is this Rella Newman Speaking? " The man on the other end of the phone said in his hard voice, which sent shivers down my spine.

" who are you and how did you get my number? " I said while stammering a little. Sweat was forming on my forehead as a result of the tension in the air.

" Well, I am Ashton Bryson. Till, today no one ever dared to offend me, Ms Newman you really are something. So, are you ready to face the consequences? .....Ms Newman." His voice tone sounded completely evil which added to my fear.

" I.. I can personally come and apologize to you. So, there's no need for my punishment and you were in the wrong not me, that was against our company's rules." I said, after gathering much of the courage to stand up for myself. But, I guess I made him angry.

" Oh? So, you still dare to spit back. Well, what can I do now, that you've made me angry? Be my slave, for 1 year and I'll let go of your cousin, Elaine. " His voice was calm, yet it sounded angry to me.

" But...tut...tut...tut...." I protested but it was of no use , he hung up on me. What a bad day I've got today!

What should I do now? I can't let him harm my cousin Elaine, aunt have been the only one standing by my side. Otherwise, all the others are obsessed with bullying me. I can't see her in low spirits. I guess, I will do just fine with being a slave for 1 year otherwise father will go bankrupt and he'll conduct his hyper torture on me. Being a slave for 1 year is better than being tortured my whole life, plus I can't let aunt down. I've got no one left in this world who'll cry for me when I die, so it's no big deal to be a bloody slave.

I stood up from the wooden bench, in our family's personal garden. I stretched my arms up, feeling a little bit lazy for a couple of seconds. I could not control myself, I could not hold back the tears that were brimming my eyes. Slowly, slowly fresh tears started rolling down my cheeks. I looked up to the sky and wondered, what kind of life am I living? It's like, always living in fear. I am tired of it. Looking towards my right I started walking on the wet grass with my bare feet, towards my torture mansion, where my step sister and mother must be eagerly waiting for bullying me. I just want to get lost somewhere, where no one can find me and I'll be living happily ever after.

Tomorrow is mom's birthday, I will be going to pay her grave a visit after I buy her favourite bunch of red roses. There's no point in crying for the dead, cause they are never going to come back, they can't be resurrected.

As I reached the mansion, I opened the door and walked in with a nonchalant expression on my face. I proceeded for my room to have a good night's rest which I never have. After reaching my room, I took a hot refreshing shower and went to bed after turning on the AC. I threw myself on the bed after keeping my phone on the table besides the bed. Suddenly, a message came so, I took my phone to see who would message me at this time .

The message read,

" My dear Rella, so, what is your answer? Are you agreeing on becoming my slave or should I just torture your sister? Answer me fast lest face the consequences."

I replied back,

" I am ready to be your slave. But, please spare my cousin. "

After typing back ' ok ' he went offline. I am relieved that Elaine is going to be safe. I don't know what kind of life will I be having after I become a slave?

My phone started ringing and on looking at the phone number I came to know it was Ashton Bryson. I picked up the phone.

" So, tomorrow morning at 9, you'll show your face to me at my mansion. My driver will come pick you up 8 : 45. So, be prepared. After you come here, you'll be provided with your maid's uniform and you'll be my personal slave. Is that clear, Rella? "

" Yes, Ashton."

" It's sir, for you. "

With this he hanged up the phone. His voice was scary, I don't know what he must be looking like. His voice was always calm. I did heard those rumours about him saying that he's cruel, arrogant and hot. Well I don't know if he's hot or not but what I came to know with my recent experiences is that he is arrogant. You just wait Ashton, I will make you pay someday. If you dare make it public, I am definitely going to plan a strategy to kill you. Just you wait.

I sunk back onto my bed and pulled up the quilt over myself and slowly slowly, sleep started overcoming me. I want to know what's tomorrow morning going to be like? What would happen if father comes to know about this?

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