The Badboy Billionaire Stole My Heart

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Chapter 4

" what? How could .." Before Mahi could speak any further, her mom put her left hand on her mouth and with a nonchalant smirk on her face she spoke, " oh! So Mr Ashton likes unemployed and poor girls? Never thought that your standards for choosing girls are so low."

I saw a hint of anger on Ashton's face. Time for me to help him out. A bright and devilish smile lit up on my face as I spoke, wrapping my arms around Ashton's.

" Mrs. Newman knows very well about everybody in this world, except for me. Do you know why? Because, I had evaesdropped on you when you were planning for disowning me. I was asleep at that time when you passed through the guest room, which I had to accept as my room's AC was not working. But as you know I am active the moment someone's near my room I heard all your talks, at first I thought you were just trying to harrass me and I was about to drift back to sleep, but as I heard my name roll through your lips, sleep was not desirable for me. You made a big mistake of talking in front of my room's door. I heard everything and I guess that was 1 year ago," I continued

" If I remember correctly I was the CEO at that time, so in short I had control over most of the money transactions . I used that money to buy a new house somewhere. The rest of the money I used for something big. Do you think after knowing about what you were planning to do I would sit idly?You must've heard about the new company named RT.Inc., right? Do you know who the CEO of that great company is? It's me and myself Macy Norman. " Their expressions turned upside down which made me feel proud of being one step ahead.

" So, what? You're...." Mrs. Newman stopped midway. My chest swelled with pride. I remembered that I was holding Ashton's hand so I quickly unwrapped my hand from his and created an appropriate distance between us, because after all we're not that close. I changed my identity and took the last name of my mother, Tessa Norman.

Her smile is the only thing that keeps me going all the time when I'm in some great trouble. My dad and the others went away after receiving a shock from me. It was a nice feeling. I felt Ashton staring at me from my peripheral view and turned over to look at him.

" Are we ready to go? " He asked with a strange emotion splashed on his face.

" Yep, just wait a minute I have something to tell my mother. You can go sit in the car. " I answered and sat down again on the ground.

I joined the fingers of both my hands and closed my eyes. ' Dear mother, you have done so many things for me. You always told me that I should never give up and I'll always follow that. From today onwards, I don't have a father or a family, so I need you to support me from wherever you are. And I know you've been secretly watching me. You even beared the unbearable pain while giving birth to me, I will never let the life you gave me go to waste. I am soon going to be capable of competing with various businessmen in the world. Give me the strength to do so, mother. I'll visit you again, till then bye.'

Tears, were already rolling down my eyes. I quickly wiped then and turned around. I saw Ashton sitting on his knees and praying to my mom. What is he praying for? He opened his eyes and caught me staring at him. I quickly broke eye contact with him.

Jack suddenly appeared out of nowhere with a bunch of red roses which I felt familiar with. They were the ones I bought this morning! He handed over the roses to Ashton, whom I felt was blushing from inside. I bit my lip in order to stop the smile. He drew the roses in front of me and a smile appeared on my face. I received the roses and the turning towards my mother's grave, I kept the flowers and wished her a happy birthday.

We then stood up and moved towards the Lamborghini. Jack opened the door for me and so for Ashton, and we sat ourselves in. Jack took his seat and turned on the engine. Changing the gear to 1, the car started moving through the road besides the symmetry. I looked over to Ashton who was lost in his work on his laptop. I tapped on his shoulder softly, which resulted in him looking at me with his eyebrows raised up. His face was good-looking with a beautiful smile which I saw for the first time in the few amount of time I had spent with him before.

" Well," I said, " Thanks a billion for bringing back the roses. They meant a lot to me and thanks a zillion for taking me to the graveyard. " I finished my sentence with a smile, which seemed to have appeared by seeing Ashton's smiling face. He looks so handsome with a smile on his face, wonder why people call him arrogant?

" Dhanyavad," He continued, " and I am sorry for my behaviour yesterday. I was already frustrated and I guess I was just finding ways to remove the anger in me by throwing tantrums. I was looking for a chance to do so and so I decided to ask for your company's secret as I thought of buying it out. I sincerely apologise. Hope you can forgive me." His words just melted and flowed directly to my heart.

" Ok, so what about being a slave? " I asked, myself feeling sad.

" That? That was just something that I said in my anger. Sorry for that too. "

" It's ok, I forgive you."

" Thanks a lot. By the way, you were pretty impressive out there. I never imagined you to be a badass."

" Well, to be honest this is nothing, you must see me when I really am pissed off. That time I am one hundred percent a badass. Moreover, they were really getting on my nerves since yesterday, after father removed from my position of CEO, so I just really lost my temper seeing them here and insulting my mother."

" So, that company part was true? "

" Yep, I am fortunate enough to have been slept in that guest room on that fateful day. My luck saved me. Planning out that company was really a pain in my foot, I spent a lot of sleepless nights with those bullies trying to get on my nerves. Never thought I would be finally able to start up a new company and change my identity."

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