The Badboy Billionaire Stole My Heart

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Chapter 8

My alarm woke me up and I stand up from my bed after stretching my body. A yawn escaped my mouth and I start to walk towards the bathroom.

Looking into the mirror, I took out my brush from the small cupboard besides the mirror. I finished with my morning routine and straightaway I went to the balcony.

I open the door and cool morning breezes hit my body, waking my body up and freshening my mood. I remember, yesterday my date with Ashton went very well. He took me to an isolated place where he himself had decorated the whole place. But, before we went there, he sent me to a very costly beauty parlour to get ready for our date.

In the meantime, he went and decorated the whole place. I also remember, how I was tortured by him, telling me to change dress after dress. That was for sure tiring, but, I enjoyed a lot.

Fun days are all gone now, from tomorrow I'll have to recruit employees. Today, is the inauguration ceremony.

I go in and pick up my phone from the side table and dialled Julius's number.

" Hey, what's up Macy? " He's in a good mood today.

" well, did you finish sending invitation cards to the guests, yesterday? "

" Yes... don't worry. Everything will be fine." His girlfriend must have told him something.

" Well, I'm not worried. Thanks for taking the trouble. "

"But, I'm worried for you. If that is it, I'll hang up. Bye, take care and show up today at the company in all your glory. "

" Bye, you too take care."

He hung up the phone, and I smiled with nervousness rising in me. It's in the afternoon. I look at my room clock and it says, 9: 00. I will ready myself after an hour or so.

An hour passed by, I stand up from my bed and go towards the closet. I remove a dress with red colour having bell sleeves, reaching a little below my elbows, it is having a boat neck and it brushes the ground below me. 

I quickly slipped myself into the dress and looked into the mirror. I am getting nervous. I remove my makeup kit from the drawer below the dressing table.

I put on some red lipstick and then I start to apply moose, and other things.

When I was done with it, mostly after an hour or so, I look into the mirror. My reflection, put me in an awe.

I have never ever in my life put on so much of make up, usually I never used to do make up, I feel sick. But, today that is not the case.

Today, Ashton is also supposed to come with his parents and his cousin's family, don't know how am I going to deal with all these.

I dress my feet with red pencil heels, matching my red dress and go straight down to the parking lot after carrying my red clutch with me.

My BMW came to life as I walked towards it, after locking up the house. Drake opened the door for me and I slip into the black seat. Pressing my clutch to my chest, I take in a deep breath. A smile flashes on my lips as Drake starts to drive the BMW. The reason for the sudden flash of smile is obviously because I invited my so called ex - family. I specifically told Julius to make a very special invitation card for them. I even told him to write the sender's name as - by your ex - daughter.

What am I supposed to speak in my speech today, I haven't prepared for it. I can call Ashton, he'll help me, right?

I remove my phone from my scarlet clutch and searched for Ashton's number. Then, clicking on dial I press my phone against my right ear.

" Say, sweetheart, your reason for remembering me. " Unexpectedly sweet voice.

" I just...want your help."

" Speak then, your wish ... is my order." His tone sounded that of a Djinn. He spoke in a such a way, which felt like he have been waiting for my call.

" What should you say while delivering a speech on inauguration day of your brand new company? I'm not experienced and I didn't pay attention while my dad was delivering a speech, thinking that I would never start up with my own company. Can you please help? "

" Sure, my darling. Such simple thing. Tell me where are you now, I'll come to you in few minutes. "

" I'm on my way to the company."

" I knew it, you would call and so I've readied myself earlier for you and I'm also on my way for you. Well, see you at the company." He added the last part while singing. I smile and hang up the phone after I finish saying a goodbye to him.

That person must be a psycho to call such a sweet and caring man an arrogant person. No, that person is not a psycho, but a complete loony. But, I also called him arrogant, no, but I'm not loony. Only a few people are not loony like me.

I noticed a black coloured Jaguar, trying to overtake my car. I could not see it's driver as the windows and the front glass were tinted in black colour. The car came right besides my car and the glass was sliding down, revealing the face of a Greek god. His eyes directly staring into mine, sending shivers down my spine. His face sculpted by a professional sculptor. His eyes of grey colour and hair blonde. A smile played on his pinky lips and a wink came across me. I slide down the glass of my window.

I was shocked but did not show it on my face. Who is this man? He was sitting on the passenger seat on the backside.

" See you soon." He yelled from his seat with a smirk replacing his smile. Irritated by his actions I immediately slide up the glass.

What does he think of himself? Who is he? Whatever, I must focus on how to deal with all the guests.


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