The Badboy Billionaire Stole My Heart

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Chapter 9

I stand in front of a huge building, painted in grey colour and having many tinted-in-navyblue glass eyes at equal distances, both vertically and horizontally.

The name RT.Inc. written on a big golden metallic plate. The words written in black font colour, made me feel proud of myself. How far I've come! From just being a child to being the CEO of my own company.

A hand on my shoulders startled me. I turned around to see Ashton, wearing a heart warming smile on his face. His yellow eyes staring at me, as if he could read my thoughts. Dressed in a red tuexdo, that matched perfectly with my red gown, he looked so handsome that he took my breath away.

He looked me up and down and then finally opened his mouth to say, " you look like a breathtaking rose. "


" Thank you. Well, you look like a.... red flame? " I am embarrassed. 


" Red... flame? " He said with an awkward smile. I smile awkwardly at him.


" I..I mean to say you look.....very ....handsome." I sigh after I complimented him. Relieved, I ask him about the speech thing. He guided us to a nearby cafeteria and pulled out a chair for me to sit. 


I gladly sat, with my cheeks going red and thanked him too. He took his seat and told me about everything I needed to consider while giving a good speech. I also told him about how nervous I was to face the audience. 


But, after 30 minutes of talking to him, my stage nervousness vanished into thin air. I feel like I never was afraid of standing on the stage. 


All the guests started arriving. Completing the inauguration ceremony after I cut the red ribbon I go up on the stage. 


As I get on it, I can only see a man in red tuexdo and that's no one other than Ashton staring at me with a sweet smile. The whole area is empty and suddenly I feel confident about standing on the stage. 


Imagining, as if talking to myself looking into the mirror, I begin. 


After 3 minutes of speaking, I finally go to greet all the guests. I am so tired. Looking down and walking ahead I bumped into someone. On looking up I see, it's Natasha. 


" Oh! Sorry and hello! "


" No, need for the sorry, and hi. You look amazing."


" Thanks, by the way where are your parents? I haven't met them yet." 


" Well, actually, they're out of country for a world tour. "


" Oh! No worries. I'll just go and greet Ashton's parents. " I prosecute further and someone gripped my hand and pulled me back.


" Hey, they're your parents too." Natasha said with a smile on her face. I mirror her expression and start to move away after she freed my hand.


In my peripheral view, some guy moved whom I think I've him somewhere. I turn to my right and saw that hoity - toity guy. He stares straight in my eye and again I saw his left eye nictate. 


With my nose flaring with anger and my eyes throwing daggers at him, I start to walk towards him. His eyes staring into mine unflinchingly. His great orbs managed to make my picture black and white as I stared him in the eye.


I cross my hands against my chest and tilt my head a little up, showing him my rage through my eyes.


" Mister, " said I in a mocking tone, " what is your problem and tell me what's your relation with me that my assistant invited you here? " 


" Oh! I'm a businessman obviously. Well, I feel pleasure in making you angry. " He looks at me with a friendly smirk playing on his lips. I am muddled.


" What's your name? I don't know you."


" Surely, you won't know me and I'm not disclosing my inestimable name. But, you can call me... " Before he could speak any further, I speak up.


" Meatball, this name suits you very well. MEATBALL." I said while smirking.


" Yeah, meatball is a very nice name for a gink like him." I turned around to see Ashton mirroring my smirk. They both stare into each other eyes with a smiling face. Then looking at me, I raise my eyebrows questingly. 


" Oh! He's my bestie. I used to call him noddle." Meatball spoke.


I look at Ashton, who smiles ever so brightly. Looking at him, surely, they do look like they're besties.


" And, Macy, I used to call him a nimwit. Anyways, we used call each other with many names. Hello, old friend. Thought I'd never see you again."


" Yeah, I also thought the same. But, I saw the news, about yours and Macy's marriage and that made me wanna come here all the more. " He said while looking at me.


" Could you now tell me your name,.... meatball? "


" Meatball." He started chuckling.


" Well, excuse me. You two have a chat while I go and greet your parents Ashton. "


" Call him a noddle. " Meatball said.


" No. " 


" But, you don't call me by my name. " I take in a deep breath, trying to calm myself in order not to get enraged and let him succeed.


" That's because you aren't telling me your inestimable name. " I said in the utmost calm manner.

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