The Beautiful People

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8. Rachel

     I was still stewing over Jimbo's incident at the diner, but was content to keep my views to myself as long as we made good time to the cabin. Neither of us had much to say, and while the radio station we were listening to had picked some killer songs... the feed kept coming in and out, and that was getting a tad annoying after a while. Eventually Jim just turned off the radio.

     "Fucking FM piece of shit," he cussed right after turning it off. "We need to invest in XM."

     "Are you still pissed that you can't listen to Howard Stern during your morning commutes?" I asked, knowing it was a sensitive subject for him.

     "Maybe," Jim conceded, "But it's satellite, and that means we wouldn't lose the signal and enjoy our songs and not fight while driving up to your bosses cabin. Getting Howard back for my morning commute would just be a bonus and save my sanity."

     "Whatever, we're not getting XM." I chided back at him. "We just need to get there already."

     "Hey, enough of that." Jim said, "The last time I checked, this wasn't a race."

     "I just don't want to be the last one up there," I admitted.

     "Well, I got news for you." Jim said as he was pulling closer to the cabin. "We may not be last, but you're not first either. There's already another car in the driveway."

     "Fuck," I said, as I recognized the car. "I hate Angie."

     "So I've been told," Jim said, acknowledging the obvious.

     "I wonder how early they got here?" I asked, "The tracks don't look fresh."

     "I doubt the hosts are happy then," Jim added, "We're an hour early too."

     "Shut up," I said, as I didn't honestly give a shit. "An hour isn't that bad."

     "That is true," Jim concurred, "It's easier to explain away than being two hours early."

     As Jim pulled in to a spot beside Angie's car, I could see two men walk out the front door to greet us. I recognized Mr. Parsons, but the other man standing beside him I didn't know. They both walked up to the car as we were both stepping out.

     "Hello Rachel," Mr. Parsons called out, "Nice to see you again."

     "Thank you," I politely replied. "This is Jim, my fiance."

     "Fiance?" Mr. Parsons said, unaware of the upgrade. "Congratulations to you both."

     "Thanks," Jim said, as he shook Mrs. Parsons hand. "And thanks for the invite. This places looks amazing."

     "This is Josh," Mr. Parsons said gesturing to the man beside him. "He's Angie's plus one."

     "I remember now," I said, shaking his hand. "You were at the Christmas party, right?"

     "I was," Josh said, "That was a fun night."

     "Do you need any help with your bags?" Mr. Parsons offered.

     "I should be okay," Jim responded, "I think."

     "I can help," Josh offered. 

     "Thanks," Mr. Parson said, as he offered my his arm, "Then come with me, Rachel. The wife and I will show you to your room."

     "Thank you," I said, and we both walked up to the main door where Mrs. Parsons was waiting with a warm smile. "Nice to see you again, Grace."

     "Likewise, Rachel." Mrs. Parson said, giving me a soft hug. "Did you have a pleasant ride up?"

     "Yes," I answered, "It was very peaceful."

     "Have you guys had lunch?" Mrs. Parsons asked.

     "We did," I replied, "We were making such good time we stopped at a diner. Very cozy place and the food was rather good."

     "I think I know the place you're talking about," Mr. Parsons added, "Good call."

     "We were already a bit early," I said, "And it's hard to say no to an all day breakfast."

     "We appreciate your attempt to not show up too early." Mr. Parsons added.

     "Unlike some people." Mrs. Parsons tossed in, her frustration evident.

     "Also, who doesn't love bacon." I said, with a smile that surprised the others.

     "Wait," Mrs. Parsons started, "You're not a vegan?"

     "A vegan?" I repeated as I thought about it. "Perhaps you were thinking of someone else that's coming by today?"

     "Maybe," Mr. Parsons said, clearly frustrated she was unsure which guest was the vegan. I had no idea what gave her that idea, but I was confident they'd find the source sooner or later.

PJ Lowry

Edited: 28.09.2019

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