The Beautiful People

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9. Jimbo

     "Do you need any help with your bags?" Mr. Parsons offered. I can tell he was just trying to be friendly, but was hoping I'd decline.

     "I should be okay," I quickly responded, "I think."

     "I can help," Josh offered. 

     "Thanks," Mr. Parson said, as he offered Rachel his arm, "Then come with me, Rachel. The wife and I will show you to your room."

     I watched as Rachel walked away with our host, and then as they were both greeted by the hostess and started gabbing at the front door.

     "Hey there," Josh said, as he followed me to the back of the car, and offered a hand. "I'm Josh."

     "I heard," I answered as I shook his hand, "You can call me Jimbo."

     "Oh," Josh said, "It's not Jim?"

     "My friends call me Jimbo," I informed him, "And I have a feeling you'll be one of the only friends I'll have up here this weekend."

     "You mean the only one whose lips won't be attached to Mr. Parson's arse?" Josh added.

     "Exactly," I said, as I grabbed one of the suitcases and tossed it softly to him. "Doesn't he get enough of that sucking up at the office? When does he get a break?"

     "He will this weekend," Josh said, "I'm not kissing anyone's ass. If anyone asks me too, I'll kick theirs instead."

     "You see," I said, as I closed the trunk after pulled out the last of the luggage. "Friends. I just had the a feeling."

     "I know what you mean," Josh agreed, "What do you do, Jimbo?"

     "I work in private security," I answered, "Contractor work. What about you?"

     "I'm a writer," Josh answered, "Novels, comic books."

     "Wait," I said, interrupting him. "You write comic books?"

     "Yeah," Josh confirmed.

     "That is so cool." I said, feeling even better about my new friend.

     "Gentlemen," Mr. Parsons said as he returned to the car. "Is everything alright?"

     "We're okay," Josh said, "Just doing some early bonding."

     "Oh," Mr. Parsons said, even cracking a grin. "That's great to hear. What the hell..."

     "What," I said as I turned around and my mouth suddenly gaped open. 

     "Who the fuck is that?" Josh asked with a shocked look on his face as well.

    We all watched as the bright red car came rolling up the driveway, and parked into the driveway. Standing before us was one of the most expensive cars in the world, which left everyone speechless. It was at this point when the driver stepped out of the car.

     "What?" Nicholas called out, "You guys never see a Ferrari 488 GTB before?"

     "I haven't," Josh honestly answered, "It's beautiful."

     "Jimbo!" Nicholas said, as he was surprised to see me. "It's so good to see you!"

     Nicholas walked up and took me into his arms with a hug so quickly that I accidentally dropped the suitcase I was carrying.

     "Hang on here," Mr. Parsons started, "Why is he calling you Jimbo?"

     "It's a nickname." I answered, "It was given to me while in the corps. It's kind of stuck with me since."

     "You were in the marines?" Mr. Parsons said, genuinely surprised.

     "I did a few tours in the second gulf war," I answered, "It was a lot time ago." 

     "You served as well, didn't you sir?" Nicholas asked his boss. 

     "I did." Mr. Persons confirmed, "Desert storm. Let me help you there, Jimbo." 

     Mr. Parsons grabbed one of the bags I had dropped and he turned to look back at Nicholas.

     "Nicholas," he started, "How do you know Jimbo?"

     "I'm married to his cousin," Nicholas replied.

     "Speaking of that," Mr. Parsons said as he remembered, "Where is you wife?"

     "She's got a terrible flu," I said, speaking up as I could tell Nicholas wasn't expecting that question at that particular moment. "Diane doesn't get sick that often, but when she does that woman does not half ass it. She's been bed ridden most of the week."

     "Oh," Mr. Parsons said, "I'm terribly sorry to hear that."

     "As am I," Nicholas added, going with my story. "She sends her regrets and her apologies."

PJ Lowry

Edited: 14.11.2019

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