The Beautiful People

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25. Mrs. Parsons

     I had set the alarm to wake me up at a specific time, but my husband has changed it to go off a few hours later. While a part of me was worried we'd be terribly behind schedule, I remembered that David was always up early and likely took care of everything for me so I could get a few extra hours. His way of returning the favor since I did most of the cleaning the day before. I took a quick shower, and changed for the day. While I was l waking down the stairs, I could smell that breakfast was already on and being taken care of. to my surprise, Jimbo was the man behind the stove as he was working the eggs as if he was working at a diner.

     "Good morning, Jim." I said as I strolled into the kitchen. 

     "Good morning, Ma'am." Jimbo replied, "There's a pot of coffee on if you'd like to help yourself to a mug."

     "Thank you," I said, walking over to pour a cup. "Thank you for taking care of breakfast, too."

     "Happy to help," Jimbo said, still working the pan of scrambled eggs. "I'm happy to keep myself busy, especially this early in the morning when I have a lot of energy."

     As I took a seat at the table, in the middle of the kitchen, Jimbo made up a plate of scrambled eggs, toast, and a few pieces of bacon and placed it down in front of me.

     "Thank you," I said to him.

     "You're quite welcome, Ma'am." Jimbo said, walking back to the stove to keep cooking.

     "At least I know you'll have company every morning this weekend." I said to David, well aware of his early morning habits as well.

     "Yes, that was quite a surprise." David admitted.

     "For me as well," Jimbo honestly added, "I'm used to being alone in the early hours too."

     "So," I started between a few bites of my food, "Did David tell you our plans for today?"

     "He did," Jimbo said, and it was all smiles about it. "I think a good hike is just what this group needs after what happened last night. Get them out there and working up a good sweat."

     "This is a hike, Jim. Not a job or run." I added.

     "I'm aware," Jimbo replied, "It's the terrain, the distance, and the elevated slope that makes you sweat, not the pace."

     "We even made lunch," David informed me. "The baskets are already packed."

     "Well, thank you very much." I said, pleasantly surprised. "You boys must have been up very early today. When do you plan to wake everyone else up?"

     "Very soon," David said, smiling. "When Jimbo is finished whipping up everyone's grub."

     "Oh, I like the sound of this." Jimbo said, feeling a tad excited. "What's the plan?"

     "I have a bugle." David answered.

     "Are you serious?" Jimbo said, grinning from ear to ear. "You know the bugle wake up call?"

     "I used to play it every morning," David answered, "I woke up hundreds of men every morning when I served on base."

     "I used to hate that song," Jimbo admitted, "And yet I feel excited to hear it again. I'm almost finished so go ahead, Sir. Let her rip!"

     "Alright," David said as he hopped out of his chair. "I'll be right back."

     "That's interesting," I said as I watched David leave the room. "I think this is the first time I've seen someone so excited to hear his wake up call."

     "I think I'm gonna cry." Jimbo admitted as he waited with baited breath.

     Seconds later, the sound that Jimbo hasn't heard from in what felt like decades started to fill the first floor with a piercing and very sharp sound. David was standing at the end of the stairs, with his bugle pointing up at the bedrooms as he played what is known as the military bugle wake up call. The same song that was played on base whenever it was time for the grunts to get up and start their day. David stood there by the stairs and played the same song over and over again a few times until he started to get the movement he wanted from the people coming out of the bedrooms.

     "Breakfast is ready," David informed his workers. "Get dressed for outdoor activity and be down to eat in five minutes."

     There were a few groans but the sleepy heads returned to their room to change and comply with the orders that were given.

     "Well done, Sir." Jimbo called out, as he rather enjoyed that moment. He could only imagine how grumpy Rachel was considering that they had been up late doing exercise the night before.

     "Yes dear," I echoed, "Well done."

     "Thank you" Davie said as he put the bugle on top of the fridge rather than back in the garage. "Might as well leave it there for tomorrow as well."

PJ Lowry

Edited: 02.01.2020

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