The Billionaire's Mask (mask #1)

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Chapter 6


Silence filled the room for a couple of seconds. I bit my lower lip harder, thinking of a reason to divert his attention.

“The painting!” I snapped. Gee! I wasn’t supposed to mouth it out loud.

“Um...the girl on the painting, she's so beautiful. Who is she?” I asked then swallowed hard, praying he won't remember what I had just said.

How could I be so stupid? One just doesn’t make comments expressing her admiration for such a dangerous person. How did I even say those words so easily? I scolded myself.

All I ever wanted was to know why he wanted to hide in the world when he has nothing to be ashamed of.

His expression looked annoyed. He stared at me with the questioning look then took a deep breath.

“I could fire you right away for being too nosy. What are you? Paparazzi? You got to be thankful, that information you have won’t make you a jobless newbie.”

Wow! I exclaimed mentally. Funny how he wanted so much to hide his identity but he’s got no control of keeping his itsy-bitsy arrogance.

“I think it’s the other way around. Be thankful because there’s this one person who knows about the information you needed. Unfortunately, that’s me. And you’re going to have to just deal with it,” I fired back, smirking. I shouldn’t be outwitted by his sex appeal.

I must admit, I was attracted to this beast. Probably because of his mysterious way of living, or he himself was a mystery. His presence alone was screaming of dominance, something I couldn’t help but admire. It's a shame, he didn't have good character.

He sighed. “You are one intriguing woman. Let's get this done so I could—”

"—Go back to your room and lock yourself up in the world? Why are you even like that? Couldn’t we at least eat breakfast? I snapped.

Calm down, tackles lioness, I reminded myself.

He held up a hand on me. “Could you please stop your machine gun mouth and give this room a piece of silence?” he roared in irritation.

“I’m sorry. I know it's none of my business. I was just very curious.”

“Curiosity kills the cat, ever heard of that? Now, let’s proceed to contract signing.”

My lips twitched in guilt, I swallowed hard.

“Of course.”

“In a folder placed in front of you is your copy of the contract. I want you to read the contents carefully, any questions and objections shall be entertained after you read everything.”

“Oh!” I didn’t notice the folder earlier.

“And try to zip your mouth shut,” he added briskly.

I looked down on the folder lying on the table in front of me. I opened the first page then started reading.

Employment Contract dated this 15th Day of August 2018


Mr. Brandon Andre Katrakis Lucien


Grethe and Elga Enterprises


Miss Alayna G. Hart

Personal Chef


Miss Hart will be full time employed as a Personal Chef to Brandon Andre E. Lucien, beginning of the 11th Day of August 2018 to the 11th day of August 2020


1. Miss Hart should provide all the information about Miss Annette Teller as a part of this contract, as and where permitted by Law.

2. Miss Alayna G. Hart must successfully complete (2) years beginning the commencement date to end, as and where permitted by Law.

3. Miss Hart will be paid her wage once a month. She will have her rightful benefits and bonuses twice a year.

4. Miss Hart is entitled to paid annual leave (sickness, vacation or maternity leave ranging from 15 to 30 days and (60 days for maternity leave)

5. Miss Hart is entitled to sickness allowance.

6. Mr. Lucien will have the right to terminate employment without any prior notice and compensation other than wages for hours of work already completed, as permitted by law if the employee violated the rules and regulations of her employer.

Signed by:

Brandon Andre A. Lucien

Chairman, Grethe and Elga Enterprises


I nodded slowly, trying to think of something to demand. I failed as expected.

“It seems fair enough. I think I don’t have any question.”

It was actually more than fair! I thought. He was unexpectedly generous. What more could I ask? He’s providing me bonuses and benefits. 15-30 days of vacation or sick leave was much surprising. It was more than the average benefit and employee could have when they are working with a different company…

Two years of the contract in exchange for a little information. What is life? I smirked.

“Good. Before I sign this Miss Hart, let me remind you of our deal. Are you one hundred percent sure of Annette's whereabouts?”


“Absolutely one hundred percent. I promise. I wrote it down on my notes, including the recipe. Um, it's in my room. Do you want me to get it for you?”

“I trust you.”

Trust me? My mind asked sarcastically. Now, that’s new.

“I am going to sign everything. I’ll give you time to review your copy. You can bring it in my study later.”

“I—uh, I’m allowed enter your study room?”

 Miss Hart, let’s not pretend like you aren’t involved in my provide life. You asked for this, and I don’t think letting you in my study would make a difference,” he answered as he pressed his thumb on the ink pad in front of him.

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