The Billionaire's Mask (mask #1)

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Chapter 18


I woke up with tender eyes the next day but realizing it was Sunday, I could however rest more in my room. I stretched my arms and legs; then swung my legs out of the bed.

Butterflies filled my stomach as I suddenly remembered the steamy kiss I had with Brandon. I touched my lip and smiled. I wanted to see and to kiss him again. Last night was perfect. Well, he was perfect.

My thought was abruptly interrupted when my phone beeped. I sighed and lazily picked up from the bedside table.

I scowled at the screen. I had 20 missed calls, three messages from an unknown number.

I checked time logs, and the last call was thirty minutes ago. I don’t usually answer unsaved phone numbers, but given the fact the caller bombarded my phone, the call must be urgent. Or maybe it was from home.

I tried to call back the number.

 “Hello?” someone answered right away. It was a man’s voice.

“Hey, you’ve called me twenty times. May I know who's this?”

“Alayna,” he cleared his throat, “it’s me.”

“Who’s me—” I paused, the voice sounded quite familiar. “Cassius?”

“Yep,” he answered then chuckled.

My eyes grew wide. “Cassius…”

“You left without saying goodbye. How are you?”

“I’m fine. I just woke up.”

“Are you still in bed?” he asked, his voice a bit rough.

I sat immediately. How could he say it so sexily?

“Yeah…” I breathed.

“Me, too.”

“Why did you call Cassius?” I questioned. I didn’t want to lose myself again. Now that I still found his voice sexy, and I couldn’t help but remembered how he looked last night. Damn me. I just made it clear with Brandon that nothing was going on between Cassius and me. I slapped forehead.

Get a grip, Alayna!

“I want to hear your voice,” he said straightforwardly.

“How do you get my number then?”

“Hmm,” he sang. “I asked Ollie. I just wanted to remind you how bad you are for leaving me like that with my grumpy brother.”

“Oliver was grumpy?”

He laughed. “Apparently, he had to babysit me because I was already getting furious.”

I bit my lip. “Furious, why?”

God, what am I doing right now? Brandon didn’t want me talking to Cassius. But I couldn’t deny I liked talking with his cousin.

“Because I’m attracted to someone who's already taken.” He forced a laugh. “Anyway, I heard it worked. Brandon came out. My plan was perfect, but I’m sorry I ruined it last night. I didn’t mean to get in the picture,” he said.

Get in the picture? Perfect plan for getting him out?

“Hold on. Don't make me answer a riddle right here.”

“I'm his doctor, and I was trying to figure out how could I help him. Did you remember what I told you? If he set his mind to whatever he wants to do, he just needs to have the urge to do it? Do you remember when I told you that his brain was just sending him false signals? What Brandon needs is a trigger. I used his jealousy to make him come out.”

“You what?!”

“Hey, relax,” he said calmly. “I don’t mean harm. I knew that when Brandon finds out you're with me, he's going to come out and get you. Fortunately, his brain is positively responding.”

“Wait,” I interrupted him. “Are you saying you plotted all that?”

“Yes, why?”

I didn’t want to admit, but I felt used. “Nothing, I just…” I paused. “Cassius, he can come out now because of you. It was your idea. Brandon thought it was Oliver.”

“I needed Oliver's help. Brandon didn’t want to see me. His illness is more on psychological. It’s all in his brain, so why not use the brain’s capability and create something new? Where did you think Oliver get those? He's not a doctor.”

“But Cassius, even if you do this, Brandon will still—”

“Hate me?” he pressed. “I don’t mind. I have a debt to pay.”

Debt? What kind of debt? I kept the thought in my mind. “Why are you telling me this?”

“So you won't misunderstand me. I just really wanted to help my brother. He’s in a tight situation right now. Brandon needs come out. He can't be like that forever.”

Ann Margarette

Edited: 05.09.2019

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