The Billionaire's Mask (mask #1)

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Chapter 22



I woke up at precisely three at dawn then I went back to my room to pack up a few things I needed for our trip. Brandon was still asleep when I quietly came out of  his room. It was, indeed, a peaceful night. He just stayed on his side of the bed and slept soundlessly. I was looking for more cuddling, but I decided not to bother him.

 It was only four in the morning when I came outside. The sky was still dark. Oliver was standing next to black SUV. He was only wearing a gray shirt and sports shorts, utterly ready for this exciting out-of-town trip. He was setting our suitcases in the car’s compartment. I frowned as I didn't see Brandon.

“Good morning, Ollie,” I greeted, my voice still raspy, but I smiled. I put down the backpack I was carrying on the ground for it was a little heavy. I exhaled in relief.

Oliver grinned back, “Wow, someone's happy,” he chuckled. “How's your first night with Brandon?”

I smiled meaningfully, but I get what he meant. “It was one of the good sleep I ever had,” I said, crossing my arms over my chest, raising an eyebrow.

“Oh, come on, Alayna,” he said, slapping his hands on his sides. “I don't want to miss the fun. Brandon won't say a thing.”

“But, we really just sleep peacefully.” I shrugged. And talked about our past love, and he showed me his true self.

“Oh, okay? Um, how about fondling? Kissing? Anything?”

“We kissed,” I murmured. My cheeks were suddenly heating up. Why was he even interested?

“That's great! Congratulations, I'm proud of you. Now, let me help you.” Ollie picked up my backpack, and he merged it to the other bags in the compartment.

I frowned at the sight of our luggage. “That's a lot of baggage. I thought we're only going to stay for one-night-two days?”

“I'm coming with you Alayna. Betty's coming too, but we're going to meet her later. She and I are going to stay in a different place so you could have your privacy.” He informed. “All done.” He said, then he closed the compartment.

“Yeah, I heard. It's just you know—too much?”

He laughed, “Brandon has plans. You'll know later. He just packed, alright.” He grinned, wiggling his eyebrows.

I laughed, “Okay. Where is he?”

“He's inside the car. Get in.” Oh really? I didn't notice him maybe because the car window was tinted. “Welcome to paradise.” Ollie opened the door for me.

My heart almost melted at the sight of Brandon inside. I smiled, biting my lips. It wasn't a dream. I slid into the car and sat next to him. I could already feel the warmness of his presence. He was only wearing a casual sleeve shirt and a twill short the same as Oliver’s, realizing that I overdressed. I was wearing a yellow floral dress as if I was going to a party.

I wanted to hug him, but Brandon's expression wasn't pleased with all.

“You didn't wake me up this morning,” he said icily.

Oh, that. “I'm sorry. I just don't want to bother you.”

“She's right. You need a good sleep.” Ollie later came into the driver seat then buckled his seatbelt. “Guys, I still need to pick Betty up. You don't mind right, Brandon?”

“No,” he replied.

I sighed, and I touched the side of his unmasked face. “Hey,” I called. I shifted his face on my side then pecked on his lips. He just stared back at me.

“You're right. I should've let you know.”

“I just—missed you,” Brandon claimed me by squeezing me against him. “Promise you'll enjoy every minute of our trip.”

I nodded, then buried my face on his neck. “Yes.” I inhaled his scent. “You smell so good.”

“Are you guys sure that nothing happened yesterday?” Oliver chuckled. “Okay, are you ready?” he said.

“No, I told you already, and yes, we are ready,” I said, then Oliver gunned down the car engine.

Brandon didn't seem to mind when Betty saw him for the first time. She was waiting in front of her house when we came to pick her up. He never met Oliver's fiancée before, but during Brandon's absence, he found out about Betty. Betty's a tall, slender, raven-haired just right above her shoulder. She's also half Japanese.

Betty knew about Brandon's situation. She wasn't surprised at all to see him wearing a mask. I'd met her once, and I already liked her. She sat in front beside Oliver and smiled pleasantly at us. Brandon didn't show a response, so I just greeted her back.

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