The Billionaire's Mask (mask #1)

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Chapter 24



I exhaled out sharply, then caught his hand to stop him from removing the mask. His fingers were quivering. I knew he was afraid and it wasn’t the best time for him to show everything. Maybe later or tonight or perhaps tomorrow. Oliver and the others would be joining us then.

“I would love to see you, Brandon. I promise that I'm going to accept you no matter what because it's never about your mask. I just don’t think now is the right time.” I kissed his mouth that softly. “I did mention that you are a beautiful man, right, Brandon? Whatever happened to your face did not reflect on how great a person you are.”

His eyes softened. “This is what I love so much about you. You lift me up all the time when I didn't know what I did for you.”

I smiled. “Because of you I have a nice bank account,” I kidded. “No, seriously, because of you, I could finally send my brother to college, and it's not just that—you make me happy. You are different, but to be honest, you are also someone I should hold on to because you are too broken. I wanted to take care of you.”

“I should be the one who's protecting you and taking care of you, but I can't if I'm like this.”

“But you are getting better.” I reminded him.

“I am, but it's not enough,” he sighed, staring back at me. “I—I think I should tour you around first. I'll show you our room.”

I grinned, “Of course. I'd like to see our room.”

Brandon and I went upstairs, leading me to an open bedroom. I wasn’t exactly sure if it was a bedroom, but the particular floor had no door and so spacious. At the center bore a king-sized bed that was so white.

The right side was a glass room containing a massive CD, and music collections whilst the other hand was a minimalist abstract mural and a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf. I couldn’t believe no one using the house.

“This is very unique and stunning. Are there other rooms? This space almost occupied the whole floor,” I said while walking close to the glass room.

“There are other rooms, but this is the best.” Brandon appeared behind me and wrapped his arms my waist. He smelled my hair and kissed me softly. “Would you like to unpack before our afternoon snack? I'll give you time.”

“I’d love to shower first.” I turned and enveloped my arms on his shoulders.

“What’s wrong?”

“I was just thinking. I can't imagine myself anymore without you. It’s like you're already part of my system. I couldn't stop thinking about you every moment each day.”

Brandon's expression hardened. “Likewise,” he whispered, there was a heaviness in his voice. “You don't know how much you changed me.”

“But I have a feeling that I won't be seeing you for a long time. All of this means something, I know, but I am hoping that it’s just my intuition. You're not going to leave me, right?”

He heaved out a sharp breath. “I will always belong to you, and you are to me, no matter what.”

I curtly nodded and tiptoed so I could reach his height. I rested my head on his shoulder, embracing so tight it hurts. Then I urged the kiss this time. He returned my kiss with cupping the back of my neck, inhaling our mixed scent. He was slow at first, teasing my top and bottom lip, sucking them one after the other. His other hand went down to my waist, slipping it inside my shirt and then gave a soft squeezed on my back.

He pulled back a little, leaving me cold and still wet lips. “Why don’t you take a shower now?”

I moaned in protest. I hadn't even recovered from the kiss yet. “God, you are such a tease.”

“Do you want me to join you?”

“You can’t do that.”

He chuckled sweetly. “What? I will let you peek.”

My eyes grew wide than it was.

He left out a soft laugh. “You’re so cute. Maybe next time.” He kissed my head.

After the bath, I came out still wrapped in a robe and found Brandon standing by the window. By the look of him, he had already freshened up as he had changed into a black shirt and gray sweatpants. His hair was still glistening wet.

I tightened the bathrobe knot. “I thought you'll be waiting downstairs.”

“Yes, but,” he responded, his face and eyes were still on the book. “you've been inside the bathroom for an hour. I thought something had happened to you, but I heard the water, so I guess you're fine.” He reached for m,y hand brought me close to him and sniffed my hair. “I loved how you smell like me.”

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