The Change In Us

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Chapter Eight

I still don't know what came over me last night. And neither do I understand why he would go along with it. But I do know that the sexy dream I had last night just made everything worse.

I'm about to enter the twenty-eighth floor, when someone suddenly squeals next to me.

"Someone is excited." I say to Danny with a smile.

"Aren't you?" she asks with a grin.

"I guess." Is all I say.

We move to the receptionist together. Debbie told us just to go to her and she will give further instructions.

"Welcome ladies." The receptionist greets us." Carmen ask me to send you guys to her, she needs help. So I'll just tell her you guys are here." She then pics up a phone then speaks into it.

"She says that you guys can come in."

"I'm Carmen Spectre, welcome to the top." The assistant says. " I'm sorry, but I need you guys to start immediately. Uhm... I need you two to start doing research on these two companies." She hands us each a paper. 

"What you need to research is all there on the paper. Please do your best on it, because I won't have time to proof read or really change anything on it once your done. And Mr Ames wants it by four o'clock." Carmen explains.

"Ohk sounds easy enough." I look at Danny and she nods her head at Carmen.

We both go into the empty conference room and then we start working on the research until lunch.

"I'm going to get food. Do you want something?" Danny asks me.

"Yes, just any sandwich with cheese on, thank you." I reply to her.

I'm rereading trough my work when someone enters the room.

"That was fast." I say, thinking it's Danny already.

"Really? I didn't know you were waiting for something." A male voice replies.

I turn around and at the same time I here the door closing. "I need the room for a meeting in a half hour's time." 

"Ohk we will get our things now Mr Ames." I say while getting up at the same time.

The dream I had last night suddenly reappears in my thoughts, and I have to struggle to not release the gasping my sound that wants to come out of my mouth when vivid images flashes through my mind.

"Thanks. How far is the research going?" He asks.

"It's almost done, we're both going to read eachothers work to make sure it's good then we'll give it to Carmen."

He then walks to where I'm standing and picks up my work. 

I have to stop myself from sniffing him when I get I smell of his aftershave. He is dress in a gray pants and a crisp white shirt. He has a tie and blazer draped over his arm. The shirt doesn't hide his well build body. And I feel like my dream didn't really justify him.

"This is good work." He says when he looks up from the page in his hand.

"Thank you." I say and my eyes connect with his deep blue ones.

"So are we just going to ignore last night?" He takes a step closer to me and my body reacts with what feels like flames.

"uhm... Yes. Do you not think that, that is for the best Mr Ames?" I say. He takes another step and by then our bodies is almost touching.

"I do, but I need to see something first." 

With that he closes the little gap between us and kisses me.

At first I go still as his lips touches mine, and his hands rests on my hips.

But then I smell him again. And I feel the need to touch him everywhere. And I find myself relaxing and kissing him back. 
Just when I'm about to touch him, he pulls back from me.

I take a step back even though I feel disappointed that the kiss didn't last very long.

We look at eachother for a while, and I see the same question in his eyes that I'm thinking. What the hell is happening?

He is the first person to speak. "I'm sorry, but I needed to do that."

"Why?" I ask.

But before he can reply Carmen walks in. "Oh I forgot you guys were in here. But are you not on lunch at this hour."

"Yes, I was just getting our stuff." I say to Carmen before hurrying out of the room with out look at my boss, who just kissed me.



Shaudene Oktober

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