The Change In Us

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Chapter Twenty-Two

"I need more mint chocolate ice-cream." 

It's Saturday evening. I'm in baggy clothes and mint chocolate ice-cream is the only thing I can eat. Other food just leaves me nauseous. 

"I will go get some more." James said and then starts to leave before Jennifer stops him.

"No. You will not go get more ice-cream." She said to James and then turned to me. "You need to start eating real food."

I roll my eyes at her. "Jennifer, leave you boyfriend and let him go get me some ice-cream." I said rather hardly making her flinch.

But Jennifer stands her ground. "No. You will eat a proper meal. And I will go make it." She said sternly. 

"But, she needs-" James starts to say, but gets cut off by Jennifer.

"What's she needs is real food. And if she still wants mint chocolate ice-cream after eating a proper meal, then you can go get it for her." She said staring him down.

"Whatever I'm out of here." I said before heading to my bedroom. I slam the door behind me, letting my two friends know how I feel about them at the moment.


I take a bite of the food that Jennifer has just put down before me. It's some sort of baked cheesy dish.

I haven't even really chewed the food in my mouth before I felt the vomit raise in my throat. And I frantically get up from the table and run to the bathroom.

"Nat?" I hear Jennifer ask behind me.

I get to the toilet bowl just in time. 

"Holy Shit! Are you pregnant?" Jennifer asked when she finds me emptying my stomach. 

"What are you talking about." I heard James ask when he too enters the bathroom. But he doesn't get an answer from her.

The need for throwing up finally subsides and I flush the toilet.  
I rinse my mouth at the sink. James finds gum in his pocket and hands it to me.

"When's the last time you had your period." I Jennifer asked.

"What?" Both me and James asked looking at her strangely.

She just looked at me pointingly. Ignoring James once again. It clicks in my head what she might mean and my body goes cold.

"No, it can be that. We were save." I said.

"All the time?" She asked.

"Well... Yes." I said as I try to quickly think about all the time that me and Austin has been together like that. But then I remembered the first time. I turn to Jennifer looking panicked. "Oh no." I said before the vomit push up again. Only there's nothing left to bring up. So I'm just heaving when Jennifer speaks up.

"James, I think you need to go get her some more mint chocolate ice-cream and a pregnancy test." 


James has finally returned from his trip to the store. I'm pacing in our living room when he takes a pregnancy test out of the shopping bag. It looks like there's a few more tests in the bag. But I take only take the one.

He hasn't been saying anything, so when I take the box from him he looks me in the eyes. "Whatever it says. You know I'll be here right. Me and Jennifer. Right." He said. And I believed him whole heartedly. 

"Thank you. And I'm sorry for being such a bitch to you guys." I said looking at them both. I then make my way to the bathroom. 


When I'm done peeing on a the stick I put it on the little bathroom counter. Then exit the bathroom. James and Jennifer is sitting on the couch holding eachothers hands. 

Their holding of hands brings back memories and the aching in my chest suddenly reappears. I had forgot about that ever since Jennifer brought up the idea of a pregnancy.

"I have to wait at least three minutes." I said to the two people on the couch.

They nod their heads and I turn to look at the window that has a view of the street down below. I don't want to think about what it will mean if I'm pregnant. I just know my life would drastically change again. 

So I stare at the car's that passes by, trying not to think for the next three minutes. Until James clears his throat in the eerily quiet apartment.

"It's been more then three minutes." He said. 

I don't move. Neither do any of them. 

"Jennifer please..." I get out. I don't have to say anything, because she gets up and I hear her walking towards the bathroom. 

James too gets up and I hear him get closer to me. He circles his arm around my neck just when Jennifer exits the bathroom.

"It's says positive. You're pregnant Natalie." 



Shaudene Oktober

Edited: 04.01.2019

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