The Chasm of Desire

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3. He doesn't know whom he is Messing up with

 I couldn't find any words to name him . He was indefinable. I was fuming in anger when I heard the doorbell ring.


I had no intention to open the door . Because opening the door would mean that, I have to face him , I have to ignore him and that would require a lot of energy. And, I could never let them. Why would I waste my energy on a brainless *** ? ( See, I am using censored word. That head less chicken brings the worst out of me)


After passing some moments while using more censored words to describe that headless chicken , I saw my sisters entering the room being extremely amused.


' Have you seen him? He is so handsooome.' Sumu said while fluttering her eyelashes.


Wait a minute !

Was she referring to the that bloody arrogant , head less chicken?

No, she possibly couldn't.


Maybe she saw a handsome man in the market.


' Have you see his muscles? And his face , his jaw line, his eyebrows, his Adams apple .......In short EVERYTHING was PERFECT. ' Maha said , breathless.


Huh...these freaky teenagers and their hormones...


' I never imagined that we have got such a handsome relative .' Both of them chirped together.


Whaatttt! I glared at my twin sisters being extremely horrified.


Seriously handsome! 


My freaky sisters have gone completely insane.

These freaky teenagers were talking about that arrogant freak.


I wonder what happened to their eyes and ears and of course their brains!( Maybe the polluted air of Dhaka city has made them freaks a complete horrible freaks. Though they were already freaks but they had a little amount of brain. But now, it seems that it has completely disappeared)


I coughed to gain their attention.

But, noone noticed. It seemed like, those freaky teenagers were dreaming about that headless chicken.


Ewwwwwww..ewww ....ewwww


I cougher harder ....


This time Maha looked at me with a very irritating expression.


' What happened , sissy ? If you have caught cold then take some medicine. Why are disturbing us? We are dreaming.. I mean, discussing something very important.' 


' yes , sissy. Something very important. ' Sumu also joined her.


This freaky Little brat..

It's time I haven't taught them a lesson. 


I walked to them and pulled their ears hard , very hard.


Both of them cried in pain.

' Sissy , what are you doing? It's hurting.'


' Now, tell me. What is more important? Your discussion or me' I demanded.


' y_ou , sis_sy ,y_ou .' both of them said together.


' What are you doing, Putul? ' I heard another voice.


Brother Anan. He entered. Of course.. He didn't entered alone. That headless chicken also entered along with him.


And, I was standing there holding the ears of my lovely little freaky sisters.


What an amazing view to watched!


I looked at the headless arrogant chicken . The corner of his lips twitched in a smirk.


A perfect devilish smirk! 

( When someone get caught while doing something illegal, only then someone would give you this type of devilish smirk)

But, innocent poor little me , had done nothing illegal.

Then why would he give me this type of smirk?


' leave their ears , Putul ! They must be hurt. ' Brother Anan said.


I left their ears being slightly embarrassed.


'Anan, it seems like , your sister, Putul loves to exploit others .' That ***,****,***, arrogant headless chicken grimaced.


At first he called me a servant, than a beggar and now a exploiter.


I just wanted to clobber over his head with something heavy . Maybe the vase would do or the lampshade or anything heavy that would break his head.


He didn't know whom he was messing up with. Soon the time would come when I was going to teach him a wonderful lesson.


Just wait and watch Mr. Headless arrogant , unhealthy, dirty chicken...


Just wait and watch.

Farzana Tutul

Edited: 04.12.2019

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