The Chasm of Desire

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5. Baby doll!


After the very unpleasant meeting with the very unpleasant and mannerless and arrogant and chauvinistic and...(the list goes on ) man , Hafsa vabi took me to the common room .

She didn't utter a single word but, I understood that she wanted to say many things . Maybe, she didn't believe what Ainu said.

I also wondered if she was going to to tell brother Anan about my surprising or horrifying encounter with her half naked brother.

But, Hafsa vabi stopped seeing a girl who was coming to the direction of us.

I ogled her from top to down. And , I must admit that she was a very pretty girl. But, what was she wearing? A blouse ,on top of that a shirt and a torn jeans. My intuition told me that, her dress was inspired from a beggar.

weeeeiiirrrrd !!

' Hi , Jafrin? How are you? ' Hafsa vabi beamed with happiness . I couldn't decide if she was genuine or faking it. And , both of them also did some cheek kissing.


' But, Hafs! Don't call me. It's Jeff. only Jeff ' She pouted.

' I can't explain how much I am happy to see you .'

' I know, Hafs. By the way, have you seen Zarun ? Where is he? '

A voice piped behind us.

' Here am I , Jeff ! '

The Devil's name was mentioned and the Devil appeared.

' Zarun baby, I missed you a lot, baby. ' Zaf chirped and beamed with happiness showing her sparkling shiny teeth.

' Well , I didn't. '

Wait a sec! Did he just roast her?

' Naughty boy ! I know you are lying! '


This girl was full of cringe and a very little wisdom. She should be very thankful to the Almighty as He made her pretty. Else, maybe she couldn't survive in this cruel Earth with her little amount of wisdom.

' No, why would I miss you when I have met such a pretty amazing person like Putul ?' Saying he looked towards me and started beaming.

What's wrong with everyone and their beaming?

Wait, what did he say?

Both Hafsa vabi and Zaf looked at me. Hafsa vabi gave me a very suspicious and a very NASTY look.

Very very NASTY.

If Hafsa vabi' s look was Nasty , Miss Zaf's look was more horrifying. Probably she tried to destroy me by throwing rays from her eyes , like Superman or Supergirl. But, nothing came out.

Poor poor Zaf!

As she tried to throw her laser rays and failed miserably . Now , She scanned me from head to toe . I guess, she was searching my defense mechanism. Or, she was trying to find out what amazing personality I had as her Zarun baaaababyyyy referred.. ?

The same question was also going on my mind. What was suddenly wrong with that arrogant bachelor?

It wasn't like he was alright before. But, now , he was acting weeeeiiiiiiirrrd.

Maybe he had bipolar disorder. Forget the maybe , I was one hundred and two trillion person sure that he was suffering from bi polar disorder.

Suddenly Zaf squealed ,' Zarun , are you referring to her? ' It felt like she was in a terrible pain. Her face paled.

' Who is she ? And what's she doing in here? And, how is related to you? '

She started throwing question like one after another.

' Of course, Jeff. Haven't you met her yet? Let me introduce you to her. ' he said.

Without understanding anything, I looked at Hafsa vabi . She only looked at me with more suspiciousness.

' Jeff, She is Putul , An amazing person with a wonderful sense of humor and great mannerism. '

' How many times I have told you not to call me , Putul? Call me Jana . '

This time I spoke. Forget about Hafsa vabi. My temper had risen . And, I was not going to shut my mouth in front of him.

' But, I am also your family , Putul. '

' You are not my family. You are a weirdo. '

' Now , please don't become angry. Ok, I won't call you Putul. But, I can call you Baby doll. After all , Putul means doll. And, also you look like a baby ' saying he smirked.

The egoistic , chauvinist , irritating , headless chicken had the audacity to smirk on front of me and name me what.. Baby doll.


Before I could come out with a better reply, Hafsa vabi roared.

' Zarun, what are you doing? '

' Yes , Zarun baby , what has happened to you? You never gave me any pet name. ' Miss Zaf spoke again. But, it seemed like she was on the verge of crying.

But, the headless chicken seemed not to be affected by any of that.

Then, it was my turn.

' Mr . Zarun. You don't have to give me any pet names . I have a specific name , which is Jana. And ,also you don't have to take the trouble of remembering my name . As , I have no interest to meet you again. And, you are dying to give someone a pet name than , please give Miss Zaff a one as she is willing to take it. '

Saying, I showed my back to them and started walking straight.

I could hear voices.

' Zaun, what was you doing with her? What's going between you two?'

This was Hafsa vabi's voice.

' Nothing , Just messing with her ! She is pretty much amazing. '

And, YOU ARE A FREAK! A complete freak and an arrogant bachelor and chauvinist man and irritating and the list goes on...



Farzana Tutul

Edited: 04.12.2019

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