The Chasm of Desire

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12. Not so romantic wedding night

' You are not my brother anymore. ' Saying I ended that conversation with him .

I just couldn't believe my own brother trapped me into marrying some low graded bastard.

For the sake of our future...

That's a clear bullshit!

It was their plan from the beginning. Now , I understood, why the son of a bastard suddenly became so friendly with me?

I really wanted to tear him apart.

The son of bastard took marriage as a joke.  

For the sake of business purpose!

My foot....

All the care brother Anan showed all this time was because when the time would come he would sacrifice me as a scrappage goat. It was all planned my encounters with that bloody bastard. The car drive and everything!!!!

But, they really didn't whom they had messed up with. I would definitely make them pay for their sins.

If that bloody, arrogant, jerk thought he could use me as a pawn and threw me off his life at any time, he was definitely wrong.

I am the one who's going to make his life miserable. I will make his life absolutely terrible.

Zarun !!! I hate you.

I hate you from the core of the heart.  You arrogant bastard !!!

I hate you.


Everything was planned. After some time, Hafsa vabi came with a tray filled with my wedding gown and jeweleries .

Everyone was surprised at my sudden Fake marriage. Of only I could tell them the truth.

And, my filthy brother didn't even let me talk to my parents. He knew, they would never let me get married against my will.

I was feeling so helpless .I definitely wanted to talk with my father , met him and tell him all that I was suffering.  I even missed my mother.

' Why are you getting married all on a sudden? ' Sumu asked.

' You don't even like him . ' Maha joined her.

At that moment, I didn't find anything to say them . It felt weird. For the first time, in history, I was at a complete loss of words. The only thing that came out was tears.

I couldn't stop myself. Seeing me like this , my sisters hugged me.

' Sister, what happened? Why are you crying? ' Sumu asked. 
' Don't cry, sister ! You will be alright. ' Maha assured me.  

Yet, I only cried grabbing them.

And , At that moment I promised myself , I would make him pay for my helplessness and every tears I spent because of him.

And, Jana never break her promise.


The so called fake marriage happened. It was terrible. 
But, I felt really bad as they literally played with my life.
My own brother pushed me to the lion's cave.

The son of the bastard had the courage to stand in front of me. He even dared to smile. If only I could smack his handsome face.

After all the terrible things happened, I somehow landed up in his bedroom.

The whole room was decorated with flowers.
It was the same bedroom that I saw yesterday. But, it had no flowers that time.

Everything was neat any clean. 
But, now it felt like a garden.

The first thing, I had done was clean up the flowers and bed. I just tore all the flowers apart. Thinking, it was his hair that I was ripping off from his head.

Also, I felt irritated. The gown and jeweleries were very heavy. I felt like someone put heavy stones in them.

If I searched the gown, maybe I could find them . After all, it could be a conspiracy of Hafsa vabi.

Who knows?

When I was struggling with my gown , I heard footsteps outside the door.

Maybe, it was him. At this time, I was only boiling with anger. Rage fueled in me. I grabbed the flower vase and stood beside the door.

The door clocked open and he entered in.

At that moment, I tried to hit him with the vase.  But, he..
He grabbed the vase and with the other hand he grabbed my waist and pulled me into him.

I looked at him in astonishment.

Of course! How could I forget about his ninja skills?

' I married you . So that I can protect myself. But it seems, you are the one who is after my life. '
He chuckled.

The son of evil queen!

' leave me! ' I shouted as I struggled under his touch.

Instantly, he removed his hand from my waist and I fall on the ground with a loud thud!!

' You....bastard, I am not going to leave you. ' I pointed my finger at him , trying to be daring.

' Huh! You asked me to leave you. See! What happened when I leave you.. wait let me help my wifey.'  Smirking like an arrogant jerk , the bastard extended his hand to me .

That bastard!

I also grabbed his hand and pulled him. But, it seemed to backfire me. He fall on me.

Maybe for the evil magic of giant, we looked at each other for couple of moments. Then, he removed his gaze from my eyes, to my lips . And, his face started to move near mine. Decreasing the little bit of distance between us. Slowly and steadily, I could even feel his breathes.

When I realized what he was going to do. I pushed him with all the force I had. I stood up.

' Zaruuuuuun , you pervert! Remove your hands from my body. If you only come near me or even dare to touch me. I am going to chop your hands. ' Saying, I headed towards the bathroom.

The bastard only chuckled closing his eyes , still lying on the floor.


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