The Chasm of Desire

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16. Just do me this favour

After hearing Zarun, Anan had become completely dumbstruck.  Although, he wanted to say many things to him. But, no words came out from his mouth.

What would he say to him? When he was also a culprit of his own sister. He willingly pushed her to the lions den. Now, he was regretting it . But, there was nothing he could do . He stood there helplessly.  Afterwards he helplessly left the room to check Jana's condition.

Looking through the Windows Zarun stared outside . The sky was looking darker than ever. The moon was hidden underneath the dark clouds. There was a very creepy silence running in the air.

He felt a bit unusual. It felt like the silence was choking him. Maybe, it wasn't the silence. It was the grief. The grief of losing a friend.

He knew, their relationship had changed . The friendship between them ended.  

But, why was he feeling sad or grief or guilty  ?

After all, everything is fair in love and war.

His trans of thoughts broke when lipi called him .

' Sir, Jana hasn't regained conscious yet. But, Dr. Zaved has confirmed she will wake up soon'

She finished and waited for Zarun's response. But, he didn't say anything just nodded his head.

Lipi waited a bit longer. Finally, after a lot of hesitation she asked the question she wanted to ask .

Lipi heard their conversation.  After hearing everything, a question raised in her mind , peaking at full curiosity.

' Sir  , May I ask you a question?'
She asked timidly.  She thought he was going to say no.

But, to her surprise, Zarun again nodded in approval.

' Sir, I have worked with you for many years. All the time , whenever you decided to gain something you made a full proof  plan. After calculating every move , you execute the plan and achieve whatever you want. But, this time your plan seems '

' Silly? ' Zarun interrupted her.

' Yes, sir. It kinda sound very silly.This plan would never work on miss Jana.  I know, Miss Jana. She loathes you. ' Hearing her Zarun smirked.

' You know what? This is the reason you are still here working with me. ' Pausing he continued.
' Do you really think, I am going to reveal everything in front of  Anan? I have already played my move. Now, we just have to wait for the result.


Anan was sitting next to her , holding her hand. Though Dr. Zaved confirmed that , she was going to wake up soon. But, she still didn't open her eyes.

Suddenly Jana's finger moved. Anan feeling the movement, looked at her. There was a slight movement in her eyes . After a bit, she opened her eyes slowly and steadily.

' Brother Anan ! How have you been? Did you miss me ? ' she murmured with a soft smile.

Anan only stared at her feeling guilty.

' Why are you quiet ? Did you miss me ? ' She asked again.

' I am sorry. ' He apologized and dropped off his head .

Stroking his hair , Jana whispered , ' It's ok , brother Anan . You don't have to be sorry. '   Jana looked at her brother. She felt releived as there was no one else apart from them.

' Brother Anan, I haven't talked with Ammu and Abbu for a long time. I am unable to contact them. Did you changed their number ? ' She asked , still stroking his hair.

Anan  couldn't muster courage to look at her eyes. Lowering his eyes , he shook his head in a yes.

Jana softly smiled .

' Brother Anan, I just want to talk to them for once. I promise, I won't tell them anything. Just let me talk to them for once. ' She requested.

Putting his hands together in an apologising way , he kneeled infront of her.

' Please , forgive me. ' He cried.

Jana didn't say anything. Instead, she hugged him . Tears started to stream from her eyes.  

' I am sorry. ' He said again. Both the brother and sister hugged each other , Pouring their love.

Then, Jana whispered something near his ear.  As he heard her words, he pulled himself from her instantly in shock.

He kept staring at her in agony. 
He couldn't believe his ears. His heart ached.

Holding his hand , she requested, ' Just do me this favor. ' 



Farzana Tutul

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