The Chasm of Desire

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17. Moonlight over the darkness

Anan left silently, without saying any word to anyone. Zarun stepped in along with Dr. Zaved , followed by Lipi.

' How are you feeling now?' Dr. Zaved asked her cheerfully.

Leaning against the wall, Jana was sitting on the bed , closing her eyes .Hearing Dr. Zaved , she gladly replied , ' I am absolutely fine . Feeling perfect . '

Zarun eyed her suspiciously . He doubted that whether Anan had told her anything. But, Jana was behaving fine.

She was answering all the questions asked by Dr. Zaved .

Zarun felt relieved as she didn't fight or made a ruckus about anything.

After examining her thoroughly Dr. Zaved prescribed her some medicines. After some moments When he left , Zarun also sent Lipi home .

Now, both of them were alone once again . There was a moment of silence between them. At that moment, Zarun only stared at Jana , observing her expressions.

Jana was lost in her own world. She stared aimlessly thinking something. Zarun came forward and sat in front of her. He waved a hand in front of her dismissively.

Flinching, she raised her eyebrows in a questioning way.

' What's your problem?' She asked with annoyance.

' Just checking if you have fainted again or not. ' He replied. Rolling her eyes , Jana turned her face aside.

' Will you kindly let me take some rest? ' She humbly requested.

' Do you know why became unconscious? ' He asked as he was suspicious if Jana knew anything.

' Becaue I saw your ugly face. Happy now ? Please let me take 
rest? ' Saying she stood up .

But, Zarun grabbed her wrist.

' Answer my questions first. Then do whatever you want to do' He firmly replied.

' Zarun , you are hurting me . Leave my hand . '

' Just answer me quickly. I will stop then.  '  he smirked .

Glaring at him all on a sudden she pinched his nose ,  making him squeal in pain.

' Ahh ! Jana , what are you doing?' He screamed as he was still in pain.

' I am doing what you were doing earlier.  ' she proudly boasted. But, he pulled his nose form her clutch. Grabbing her wrist , he pulled her fiercely. Colliding with his chest ,she lost her balance and both of them fall on the bed.

Encircling around her waist , Zarun captured her in his arms.  And , then he whirled around. Making her fall underneath

' Zarun , what are you doing ? ' Struggling under him, Jana screamed at the top of her lungs.

Inching near her, he whispered , ' Just teasing you. '

With her hands, Hena tried to push him. But, it didn't help.

' Zarun , you jerk ,just  get up. You are heavy. ' she shouted again.

Zarun smirked at her. He was enjoying it. After tolerating her insanity, he finally had the chance to trouble her.

' Why ? ' he asked teasingly.

' What do you mean by why? just get up. '  she said being extremely annoyed.

On top of that , right at that moment, the electricity went off.

' Aaaaaa ' screaming, Jana cowered and clung to his body.

Zarun flinched as all on a sudden there was no gap between them .

' What happened?' He asked.

' The electricity went off. ' she barked.

' I can see that. '  Zarun answered.

Though there was no electricity , the darkness faded as soon as the moon light fall on them . It was weird. When he looked at the sky earlier, the sky was covered with the dark clouds. And, the moon was hidden under the darkness. But, now the moon was shining brightly.

Zarun didn't thought about the moon or the darkness. As soon as the , moon light fall on them he could clearly see  Jana  who was lying  under him closing her eyes. He stiffened

At that moment, he couldn't notice anything else except for her.  Her enchanting face , her trembling closed eyes and her quivering lips everything was just mesmerizing.

His heart fluttered when her breathing fanned his neck.  His breathing hitched and a warm yet electrifying shiver ran through his spine. Unknowingly his hand moved forward to touch her . But, it stopped on its midway.

' Zarun.. ' she whispered.

' Huh? '

' Get up and check the electricity ! ' She shouted and pushed him . And , this time she succeeded as he was lost in her.

Losing the balance , he fall from the bed.  And, Jana burst into laughter.

If this would happened in another time ,he would definitely get mad at her.

But, there was something different. Her smile shone along with the moonlight. Her radiant smile was enough to lighten the room . He thought.

Her smile was similar to his mom . His mom often smiled at him until that day.

A cold shiver ran through his spine as soon as he remembered that day. Everything changed after that one incident.

His mom stopped smiling and Zarun lost his happiness. That day he swore , he would achieve everything he wanted either by hook or crook.  Achieving whatever he wanted, gave him a  temporary peace of mind and helped him to forget those memories.

Looking at her, he missed his mother's smile.  It fluttered his heart even more. There was something wrong about this environment. It was making him weak , even worse vulnerable.

'  You deserved what you get. ' She said , in between her laughter.

There words shook him from inside. Those memories revived , making him shivered as if someone had poured ice cold water in  him.

He remembered that moment.

He was standing at a graveyard. 
Crying, in front of his mother. But, his mother stood rigidly. 
She showed no affection. With a poker face and  an abrasive voice she said those words to him.



Assalmualikum readers,

A little bit of his past, defending my hero . There's always a reason why someone chose to become self centered . If there is noone to show him right path at the beginning of his journey.

Farzana Tutul

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