The Chasm of Desire

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18. Her anger my agony

' Hey , are you listening me? ' I heard but didn't respond . Ignoring her , I kept working on my laptop. ' Now, out of nothing all of a sudden you have become deaf. Wonderful ...' she pouted.

Still I didn't look at her . It was fun to tease her . When she pursed her lips in annoyance , she really looked incredible. She resembled to the laughing buddha. But, in a cute way .

' You punk .. '

' Language Jana ...'

' Go to hell with your language ' saying she slammed her fists on my study table.

Her eyes stayed on me for long and then I lifted my gaze narrowing my eyes I asked ' What do you want ? '

Glaring , she replied, ' I want to go outside . '

' I am busy today . '

' I don't need you. The door is locked. It is asking for some password. Just give me the password . ' Innocently she grinned , wrinkled forming to the corner of her eyes.

' Why should I ? '

' What do you mean by that? '

' If I give you the password , then don't you think it will violate the whole purpose of keeping it ?' I smirked .

Her mouth formed a little ' o ' and her eyes got widened.

Looking at me in disbelief , she muttered, ' I can't believe this . Don't tell me , you have locked me in this house ?'

' I haven't . I am just making sure that you don't leave the house without my permission ?' I explained .

' That's just a polite expression for my words. ' she grimaced.

' Wow, look at you..' flushing a smile I continued , ' By staying with me, you have become so intelligent . You should be thankful to me . '

' For marrying me without my consent and caging me in this house . ' she whispered but I heard her. I felt something , more like a pain in my heart.

' If you have nothing to say anymore , then you can leave . ' I said .

She stared at me for a long time. And , then she asked all on a sudden , ' Why did you marry me, zarun? '

' Why ask all on a sudden ? ' looking at her eyes , I asked looking directly into her eyes. Those eyes who held me guilty for countless things , her eyes were expressing a lot today .

' Nothing ! Slightly curious to know what I have done to you that you are after my life , destroying all of my happiness .' Her lips quivered as those words came out of her mouth .

I don't know why but today , each and every word that came out of her mouth stabbed me .

When I didn't reply , she came forward taking slow steps . She stared at me for a very long time. But , didn't say anything . Moments but there was only silence between us when all on a sudden , her hands moved fast. She threw all the documents scattered on my table with a scrutinizing smile.

' I can't go out , I can't meet my sisters , I can't eat . I can't do anything according to my will . I feel suffocated . ' she screamed . Her eyes swam with tears . Her breathing was getting heavier .

Shi#t ... it was the effects of the drugs that I was giving to her. But I decreased the dose of it . Then , why was she behaving like this ? I thought . But , nothing came to my mind .

' Even an animal in the zoo , lives a better life than me. ' She gritted her teeth.

I held my breathe and tried to maintain myself . Moving towards her, I cupped her face .

' Jana , you are not feeling well . You should take rest . ' I cooed . She jerked my hands away . All on a sudden , her hand dismissively slapped my face .

' Don't touch me . When you touch me , it loathes me .' she urged .

With widened eyes , I looked at her.

' What happened ? Did I heart your ego ? huh... Just because I play innocent , that doesn't mean , you can use me . ' she whimpered . Her eyes filled with rage .

Suddenly , I hesitated to look into her eyes . Those eyes which once held innocence , making her look different than others.

Have I pushed her so much that she was behaving like this ? And so what ? Even if she is behaving like this , why should I care ? Isn't she an experimental equipment for me ? She doesn't matter to me. I tried to remember myself. But...... then why I was feeling guilty ?

' Why are you so quiet ? Aren't you going to say something ? ' she barked .

' You need to take rest , Jana . ' I said , not looking in her eyes .

' Take rest ....' this time she completely broke into tears . ' You are so coward , Zarun . You can't even digest the truth . Let me tell you something , You are just a heartless creature with no feelings and so obsessed with power and money . I feel pity on you. ' seeing she stepped out , leaving , completely alone . All on a sudden , I started to feel completely hollow from inside . Extremely empty ........

I was lost in my own thoughts when my phone buzzed . When I looked at my screen , I felt frustration . It was my father. Unwillingly , I picked up my phone .

' How are you doing my son ? ' I heard his fake concern .

' I'm fine .'

' Hmm.. how is the girl doing ? Has she learnt anything about our plan ? Hope, my foolish son in law didn't tell her anything ? ' Hearing him , I clenched my fist in anger . But, I couldn't do anything.

' No ..' I replied without any emotion .

' son , you are doing great . Tolerate her a little bit . After that, we will hand over the girl to them . I think, the machine won't work . After all, Chinese product never works . ha ha ha..' saying he started laughing . When I didn't respond he continue , ' Don't worry , son . Even if the machine doesn't work we won't have any problem . Maybe , the girl will die. But, They will pay us for handing the girl to them . and , if the machine works then we will create revolution . ' he said. But , I couldn't hear any longer. My heart burnt . and, tears rolled down my cheeks . Handling myself , I said him bye and cut the phone .

She doesn't matter , then why my heart ached like this ?






Farzana Tutul

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