The Chasm of Desire

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24.The last chapter yet the first

I tried to move but , I couldn't . It felt like my whole body froze in one place . I got no control on my body parts. I couldn't even open my eyes .

What is wrong with me ?

At that moment , I could feel someone touched my hand. I could hear people talk ,

' Sir, It's time to leave . We have to arrive at the airport . ' An unfamiliar voice said.

' You wait outside . I am coming in a moment . ' It was Zarun's voice .But, where is he going?

I heard footsteps going out . After a moment of pause , he finally said , ' You must be very happy today . Finally , you are going to be free from me .'

I stiffened . Though I was already stiffened , this time my mind stiffened . The way he talked it was different . It didn't sound harsh or threatening . It was quite soothing and silvery .

' You should be . after all , I have troubled you a lot . '

Hearing his words , my mind filled with many questions . Like , has he gone mad ? Does he always speak with me when I am asleep ? Or , am I dreaming again ?

He grabbed my hand firmly and said something that , I would never expect he would ever say to me .

' Sorry , I made your life a hell . But , now you are free . You can live as you like .You don't have to tolerate me anymore. When you will wake up , I will be gone from your life . '

What does he mean ? Maybe , my brain cells messed up once again .

' I am lucky to have you my wife in this life . After all , not many man can marry the first and last love of their life . ' My heart stopped at that moment and then started beating fast . What does he mean ? What's going on ?

' Putul , I wanted a lifetime with you . But...' he stopped .Then he continued , ' If possible , let's meet in another world . I will definitely try to be your oppas like you always wanted . I love you and I have always loved you . '

Saying he left . He left me alone in this unknown country with unfamiliar people surrounding me .

After I regained conscious , I found myself in a hospital . Lipi was there. She was the one and only familiar face I knew . I learnt from her that we was in Seoul ,the capital city of south Korea . Of course , I had no idea how I landed up in south Korea . The last thing I remembered was the accident where I almost think I died.

When I asked her about Zarun , she said he didn't want to see me anymore .

I didn't ask her any questions furthermore . After getting discharged she brought me to a huge mansion. Honestly , it was really huge . It looked like a manor where a modern emperor would live .

When I asked her about this mansion she smilingly replied , ' It's your mansion . '

If it was another time , I would honestly think she must be joking . But ,I knew , she wasn't joking .

I silently followed her . The house looked more impressive , then I had imagined it .It had everything to make someones life comfortable . Though the house was really fascinating , but it didn't cheer me very much . I was watching the entrance as if someone would enter . But , no one entered .

' Are you waiting for someone ? ' Lipi asked .

I looked at her being startled .

' huh?!'

'You are looking at the entrance time to time . Are you expecting someone to come ? '

' no'

Though I said her , my mind didn't seem to be convincedMy . I was looking at the entrance time to time . Maybe I was waiting for someone to come . Maybe...

Handing me some papers she said , 'Here . Take this .'

I took them and asked , ' What is it ? '

' Documents related to your citizenship in Korea . '

Hearing her , I looked at documents. My eyebrows raised automatically after reading them .

' But, It states about the citizenship of Lee Sarang .'

'Ma'am , your Korean name is Lee Sarang .And , it will be better if you start using this name .'

'Then , why is it written that Lee Sarang is married to Lee Ji -won ? '

' Li Ji won is sir's Korean name. As you are married to him , you easily got the citizenship of Korea . '

'Zarun lived in South korea ? ' I asked

'Yes ma'am , he spent most of his childhood in here . After that , he migrated in America .'

' I want to meet him right now . Where is he ? '

'Ma'am , sir doesn't want to see you anymore . The reason you were here has been executed perfectly . He doesn't need you anymore . That's why , sir has compensated you . ' She said .

Suddenly , I felt really sour . None of this made any sense .

' What does he mean ? How can he say he doesn't need me anymore ? why isn't he showing me his face ?' I demanded .

' Ma'am , you are reacting unnecessarily . He has given you everything to live the rest of your life comfortably . Then , why are you making a fuss ? '

'What do you mean ? He can't just dump me in here. ' I shouted .

' Ma'am , he hasn't dumped you . He has made all the arrangements for your comfort . Beside the mansion , there is a servant quarter . They will be here in the morning . They will do everything for you . You don't have to worry about the language . One of them knows Bengali also . still , if you have doubts then , there is a device in the first drawer of your bedroom . Once you will put that on your ear , it will automatically translate the words you will hear . A teacher has been appointed for you who will teach you Korean language . Also, you have been appointed as a kindergarten school teacher at the nearby school . You don't have to continue your job if you don't want. There is enough bank balance in your account to live your rest of the life comfortably. ' she stated .

' Now , I will take your leave . Hope you will start your life afresh .'

Saying she hugged me .

I stood there like a robot , without understanding anything . In short span of time , my life has been taken sudden twists that I would have never imagined my self . Everything looked so real , yet unimaginable .

Farzana Tutul

Edited: 04.12.2019

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