The Chasm of Desire

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25.I am Lee Sarang

' Are you  sure you want to do this ? You can stop it right now if you want .' Andrew said to Jarun  who was lying on a device which looked like a hospital bed . Lots of wires were connected to his head and chest . An ecg machine which was  placed beside his chest showed his normal heart  beat. 

 It was a lab where many high tech machines were placed and many persons wearing lab coat wandered here and there in the lab checking if every thing was working properly . Some of them were checking the documents and some of them were looking at the computer screen . In short , everyone was busy . If this expedition  becomes a success , it will be the new dawn of science . The tremendous moment in the history of science . 

Zarun chuckled hearing his words . 

' Don't use your treacherous words on me . I know , you are jealous because I am the one who is going to make a history .'

' Of course , only if you survive . and , the percentage of you survival is  only 20%. '  Andrew remarked . He sounded really worried .

' At least I have  20%  chance of survival . If it was you than I highly doubt if there was any possible chance of your survival . '

' it isn't funny . When we will turn on the device , your journey will start . And , there won't be any turning back . ' he warned. 

Zarun seemed to be not paying to much attention to his words .He was happily lying , his eyes closed .

' Don't worry ; In one of the alternative worlds , I definitely listened to your and cancelled the whole expedition .'  He smirked .

Then someone interrupted their conversation . A woman of mid twenties with blonde appeared suddenly .

 ' You are impossible .How can you be so calm when you are almost at the verge if death ?' She exclaimed . She was Linda ,the assistant director of this project . 

' PROJECT MULTIVERSE' It was the name of this project .The scientists exclaimed that , they invented a machine through which one can travel to the alternate universe . 

'You mean at the verge of an amazing journey where I can  experience the real joy of becoming a  true scientist .' Zarun  said .

Linda rolled her eyes and said , ' You are a genius scientist and a great businessman .We don't want to lose you . If you want I can't talk with Mr. Dong lee . I am sure he will listen to my words and stop this expedition .

' Are you afraid if I am gone you guys will have a hard time to find investor ? '

After hearing his words , both Linda and Andrew accepted the defeat and left him alone .

Some moments later , another person came to visit him and sat next to him .

' Whenever we make any choice , we create a world. Then Which world do you want to go ? ' She asked curiously . She was a  Chinese woman who looked like a model . Without the id card hanging around her neck , anyone would mistook her as an professional model . A lean body , a graceful waist and her straight hair which was spread around her shoulder made her look like a perfect model .

' I don't know actually .' Zarun said to her .

'Why ? Do you think that , every choice you made is wrong ? That's why are unable to decide .' 

'Xinmi, you are a true genius. No one can understand me as much you do .' Zarun said with a hint of sarcasm .

' I don't why all on a sudden you have decided to committing suicide . But , I am not going to stop you . '

' First of all , I am not committing suicide . I am just trying to become the next Neil Armstrong '

' Don't compare yourself to him .He knew , he was going to the moon and return alive .If you have even  decided to go the mars .That would have make some sense. But , now what you are doing is complete insane .' Xinmi said. 

' What I am doing is for my own selfish reason. if you call it insanity, then it's your problem . Not mine .

Hearing his words , Xinmi felt hurt . Looking at Zarun she said, 'Of course , Ji won . It's my problem . It's my problem that I love you .' 

'I never told you to love me .' Zarun muttered.

' Yes, but what can I do ji won when my own heart betrayed me ?  '

When Zarun didn't say anything Xinmi grabbed his hand .

'If not for love , then have some pity on me Ji won . Stop this nonsense . I can't survive without you .'She cried .

' You are acting childish , Xinmi . ' Zarun sternly said . 

' Yes , I am . Ji won , I really really love you . 'She confessed.

' I love someone else Xinmi . I don't love you . '

'ji won...'Xinmi couldn't finish her sentence as there was a sudden announcement . 

' Everyone get ready . The moment has arrived . Please take your positions .'

The temperature of this room suddenly increased . Every one was holding their breathes in excitement . To create a new history and the journey was about to start.

Closing his eyes Zarun remembered all the precious memories of his life . He did everything he wanted . Now , even if death was waiting for him , then he wouldn't regret it .At the very last moment he whispered something .But , no one noticed it and his journey started .


' you evil wretch , how can you do this to your own sister ? ' Saying someone barged into the dressing room . A girl who was wearing a crop top with a pair of jeans furiously grabbed the hair of another girl who was trying a wedding dress .

'If It wasn't me that night who poked all the condoms then you would have never been born in this world . You ungrateful wench , you stole my boyfriend . 'She screamed .

The other girl somehow managed to release herself .

Farzana Tutul

Edited: 04.12.2019

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