The Chasm of Desire

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26.Zarun ,it's you.

When Anan stepped in with a glass of milk in his hand , he found Jana standing near the window.  She stared outside . But , she didn't seem to enjoying the view. Rather, it felt like she was lost in her own thoughts. Her eyes didn't shine . Rather, it looked daisy.

He placed the milk on the table and moved near her.

' Jana , why aren't you happy ? Finally , everything has become alright.' Anan said , keeping a hand on her shoulder. Jana was looking the blue sky through her window . Hearing him, Jana asked , ' Brother Anan , why did Zarun marry me ? ' But , she didn't look at him . It had been many days after that night. Anan came to see Jana two days back . For the world , she was still dead. And , Anan also kept it as a secret . 

It was better for everyone  specially for him . 

Anan wasn't happy to hear her words  . 

Caressing her forehead Anan cooed , ' Why are you asking? Why don't you forget the past ? '

' This isn't the answer of my question ,brother Anan . I really wanna know . You had said that, they wanted to do an experiment with me . What is the experiment ? And , what happened all on a sudden ? where is Zarun I really wanna Know , brother Anan . ' Turning to her brother ,  her eyes twinkled    and she desperately  said .

' Brother Anan , I have always wanted to get rid of this unwanted marriage . But , now when I have finally get rid of him , I am feeling restless. My mind is filled with only his thoughts . His sudden absence is making me feel completely empty , brother Anan . During the  day, his memories haunt me and at night , I only dreamt of him.  What's happening to me , brother Anan ?  ' She blurted . These days , Jana felt completely miserable . She couldn't understand her own  feelings .  

Anan sighed .

' It was all my fault . ' he confessed . 

'Your fault? ' Jana said , unable to understand the statement .

' If that day , I didn't forget those your medical  examination papers on Dr. Zaved's desk . None of this would ever happened this . Do you remember that , one year ago you had frequent fevers and we took you to a doctor ? Then we had examined your whole body and conduct some tests on you . ' 

' Yes' she nodded .

' At that time , our company collaborated a project with China  Science association  . it was named as  a   PROJECT MULTIVERSE .   It was a secret project hidden from the world as this project could bring a revolution in the realm of Science . No one knew that , with some brilliant minds of this century ,china has advanced in technology and it aimed to go beyond the time. ' Anan explained . 

'What is that project and how all on a sudden I got related to it? ' She asked being absolutely clueless  about everything .

' Project Multiverse is all about conquering time . Scientists believed that , every time we take a decision we create a world . And , that creates the existence of parallel universe .  Like our universe , there are thousands of universe in where you will find the alternate personality of yours . ' 

 Jana interrupted .

' What are you trying to say ? ' Jan asked ,being slightly irritated . It wasn't the answer she was seeking for .

' There are infinite worlds with infinite possibility. In some world , we aren't born yet . In another , maybe we are strangers or , we have grown old and died . Thousand of possibility creates the opportunity of rectifying the mistake that our alternate personality would do in their worlds.  That's the only possibility of traveling time . And , project multiverse gives  you the ability of travel through this universe and change your future .'

'What? ' she asked , baffled .' Is this even possible ? What are you saying brother? ' 

'Everything is possible, Jana . After many attempts , finally we found a human body in the alternate universe  in which we can transfer a soul from this world . '


' And , coincidently , the DNA of that body matched with yours .'

' Really?' Jana looked shocked .

'yes , and , this is how everything started .'

' But , what happened ? And , where is Zarun ? ' She asked , worried .

' I didn't know Zarun was trying to protect you . I was wrong about him . He did everything to save you. He created a fake accident  to  make sure people believe that you are dead . '

Hearing his words , Jana felt  a pang of guilt . Her heart ached  and she asked , ' Where is he now , brother Anan ? ' 

' From your attitude , it seems like , my little sister has gave him her heart . ' Anan said with a playful smile on his lips.

Jana also gave him a soft smile but , it disappeared when she thought about how  wrong she thought about Zarun.

' Brother Anan , I really don't know about my feelings .But , I really think I should apologise to him after all I have always behaved so rude to him . Also, I have questions for him that I want to know. '

Jana said .

' I am definitely going to send you to him  . At first , drink this milk . ' Anan handed her the glass of milk .

Obeying him , Jana took the glass and started drinking. 
But, after a moment , she suddenly felt pain in her throat as if someone was piercing it into pieces .

The glass fall on the ground and she hold her throat unable to handle the pain .

' Brother Anan ,I am feeling pain in my throat . It' s aching. ' She squealed .  Jana started to cry in pain . But, Anan just stared at her.

' It will ache a bit . After that, you will meet Zarun . ' Anan calmly said.

' Brother ....Anan ' saying she tried to hold him as her legs didn't support her anymore.

But, Anan moved from her  .

' Don't create mess , Jana . Die peace fully . ' he said.

Farzana Tutul

Edited: 13.12.2019

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