The Curse of the Winds

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Chapter 3

The savory smell of bacon woke Mariaisabella up in the morning. When she looked around, she was confused as to why she was sleeping in her clothes from yesterday, but the previous activities flashed through her mind.

When the sound of laughter filled the house, she got out of bed and walked in the kitchen. What she saw was a nice sight indeed.

Emerenziano was cooking bacon. Emerenzian and Mariaisabelle were talking about different languages and agriculture, Maria was sitting on Emeren’s lap whispering something in his ear. Apparently it was funny because he started to laugh. Mary and Emery were on the floor discussing constellations and drawing star maps.

She saw Emerenziano turn around and grinned when he saw her. She glanced and saw that Maria and Emeren were now just leaning their foreheads together. Usually, she would have told Maria to get off of Emeren but she was hungry and wanted to eat first. 

"Buongiorno, ho preparato la colazione per ringraziarti. Vieni e siediti." Mariaisabella saw that the only seat was between Mariaisabelle and Emerenziano. (Good morning, I prepared breakfast to thank you. Come and sit down.) 

Both ended their conversation and smiled at her when she sat between them. Mariaisabella felt a bit weird as she felt them stare at her. Finally, Mariaisabelle spoke.

"Mamma, Emerenzian e io stavamo parlando e vogliamo imparare cose nuove. Sebbene l'Emerenziano sia bravo in agricoltura, non sa parlare inglese e francese.

Sono bravo a parlare inglese e francese, grazie a te, ma non so nulla di agricoltura," While she was talking, Emerenziano serve a plate of cooked bacon and eggs in front of Mariaisabelle, in which, she happily ate. (Mom, Emerenzian and I were talking and we want to learn new things. Although Emerenziano is good at farming, he cannot speak English and French

I'm good at speaking English and French, thanks to you, but I don't know anything about agriculture.) 

The last time she sat in a full table, with people who weren’t being paid to be there was before she got married. That thought was something she didn’t want to remember.

"Va bene? Allora perché me l’hai detto?" Mariaisabella asked, with a mouth full of bacon. Mariaisabelle and Emerenzian smirked at each other before she continued. (All right? So why did you tell me?

"Bene, vogliamo essere educati da te e da suo padre. Sarò con Emerenziano e andrai con Emerenzian. Impareremo per due ore al giorno, tra le otto e le dieci del mattino. Vogliamo aiutare," (Well, we want to be educated by you and his father. I will be with Emerenziano and you will go with Emerenzian. We will learn for two hours a day, between eight and ten in the morning. We want to help.

Mariaisabella thought about it. She still has more than enough money to pay for the rest of her life ten times over from the divorce. 

However, it would be really helpful to have a company while Maria and Mary were at school. And the house needed repairs, she knew that having Emerenzian around would be convenient for her. And all she had to do was speak in her native tongue for two hours. It was a win-win situation. 

"Lo farò. Inizieremo domani. Ma è necessario conoscere le basi, quindi non sarà facile," For some reason, Emerenzian just smiled. He then started to crease his eyebrows with focus. Mariaisabella was about to ask him what he was thinking about, but then he started to speak. (I will do it. We'll start tomorrow. But you need to know the basics, so it won't be easy,

"T-than-nk-ket-th t-thee," At that moment, Mariaisabella knew that this was a great idea. Even though it was a simple phrase, it made Mariaisabella awe at the amount of effort he put into speaking English. 


But that wasn’t the only thing that she was awing at. 


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