The Curse of the Winds

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Chapter 4

"A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y and Z," Emerenzian chanted with precision and fluency in English.

Mariaisabella’s jaw almost dropped to the floor. She would never cease to be amazed by him. It has only been three days since she’s been starting tutoring Emerenzian English. Not even she was able to learn the alphabet that fast.

"Ben fatto, sei uno studente veloce," Mariaisabella admired, pleased with his fast progress. (Well done, you're a quick student,

Mariaisabella had the privilege to be taught Italian and French at a very young age, and even she thought that English was a hard language (Even though English is her first language.)

Emerenzian smiled at her words."Grazie, ma è  stato solo perché ho un insegnante fantastico e intelligente che mi può aiutare" (Thank you, but it was only because I have a fantastic and intelligent teacher who can help me.)

Mariaisabella cheeks reddened by his praise. She was never given a lot of compliments, so she felt good whenever someone said something nice to her.

"No, sono sicuro che saresti stato altrettanto bravo con qualcun altro," She replied with a huge grin on her face. She’s never taught anyone in her life (Because she was born to be married off,) so the fact that he was doing so well meant that he also had something to do with it. (No, I'm sure you would have been just as good with someone else,) 

Emerenzian looked at her. He just looked at her with a certain emotion in his eyes. Recently, she noticed that he would just stare at her. Even though it made her feel weird at first, it didn’t make her uncomfortable. Now that she thought about it, Emerenzian was quite attractive.

Emerenzian was 6’1", had dark midnight hair and his skin looked like it had been kissed by the sun. It was surprising that she didn’t see his mother or any lady figure, but he probably has a girlfriend.

"Thou art gorgeous, Emerenzian," Mariaisabella states with a cheeky smile on her face. He blinked at the mention of his name but didn’t know what she said.

"Scusa, cosa hai detto?" (Sorry, what did you say?) 

Mariaisabella couldn’t help but laugh at how confused he looked, which just made him pout.

"Non ho ancora visto la tua ragazza? Ne hai mai avuto uno?" All of a sudden, the mood felt heavier as the awkward silence filled the room. (I haven't seen your girlfriend yet? Have you ever had one?) 

Sadness shimmered in Emerenzian’s eyes. Mariaisabella thought that maybe she had unfortunately passed or that she moved away. She never thought that it was going to be something that would hit too close to home.

"Ho avuto una ragazza Il suo nome era Elizabeth. Lei è stato il mio primo amore. Ma ho sentito il mio marchio bruciare. Ho pensato che fosse normale ma poi l’ho vista. Con. Un altro. Uomo. Mi ha tradito con lui.

Ero così arrabbiato Non sapevo cosa fare con me stesso. lei era lì per me nei miei momenti più difficili e lei mi ha tradito." She didn’t know what to say. She couldn’t apologize or say that everything was going to be alright. All she could do was sit there and not do anything. (I had a girlfriend. Her name was Elizabeth. She was my first love. But, I felt my mark burn. I thought it was normal but then I saw her. With. Another. Man. She betrayed me with him.

I was so angry I didn't know what to do with myself. she was there for me in my most difficult moments and she betrayed me.) 

However, the single tear that went down his face was enough. He shouldn’t let himself cry for a woman that will not cherish him. She knew that he had to know that there were people in his predicament. And for that, Mariaisabella told him why she was here.

"So come ti senti. Ho avuto un matrimonio combinato con mio marito. Era orribile, ma sono rimasto a causa delle mie figlie. Sapevo che mi stava tradendo, ma ho cercato di evitarlo.

Ma quando ho camminato su di lui facendo sesso con la nostra cameriera, finalmente me ne sono andato e sono venuto qui. Anche se finalmente sono libero, non so se riuscirò mai a trovare l’amore. Sono grasso, brutto, stupido e debole," Mariaisabella bowed her head in shame. This was supposed to be something to help Emerenzian, not to finally let out how she felt. (I know how you feel. I had an arranged marriage with my husband. It was horrible, but I stayed because of my daughters. I knew he was cheating on me, but I tried to avoid it.

but when I walked over him having sex with our maid, I finally left and I came here. Even if I'm finally free, I don't know if I'll ever find love. I'm fat, ugly, stupid and weak,) 

She gasped in shock as Emerenzian stood up and engulfed her in a huge hug. She didn’t realize that she was crying until he wiped the tears off her face.

Emerenzian lifted her head. When she looked into his hazel eyes, she knew that she was hypnotized.

"Sei bella, forte e intelligente, i tuoi capelli biondi e gli occhi azzurri sono così ipnotici e sono così felice che ho potuto ascoltare la tua storia" (You are beautiful, strong and intelligent, your blond hair and blue eyes are so hypnotic and I am so happy that I could hear your story,) 

After he said that, his lips met her own. Everything around them stopped and all she wanted was for this moment to last forever. 



Even though her brain denied it, she knew that her heart was meant to be for him. 


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