The Doll House

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The School

“You did not do your homework!”

The teacher yelled in anger.

“I was cleaning house till late at night so, I fell asleep!”

Lora cleared the argument.

“Oh! So now this young lady cleans her house, what your mother is into stripping or is she a slut that you were unable to complete your homework just because you did something your mother was supposed to do!”

The teacher asked in an abusive way.

“Nope! She is not a slut! She is suffering from a disease, Dementia and she just never remembers anything she was supposed to do. She even forgets to make dinner or clean house or take a bath or do something at least!”

Replied Lora crying in anger that she had to face this why she just didn’t try completing the homework.

“Well! Young lady, I don’t care about the conditions of your home. What I care about is the lesson that I teach here which is to complete and submit the work on time. Which so far you were unable to do so, I may say that now someone deserves to be punished.”

Said teacher in a very evil way.


“No, but! Just go outside of the class! You little brat. Stand outside until school ends.”

“No! Please…….”

“Well outside! Now!”

 Lora went to stand outside as having no other way to do anything else. She was a girl with a lot of issues she thought that she could handle everything but her life was so difficult that her little shoulders were unable to balance the weight.

Lora stood outside the class almost daily as she never was able to complete her homework and show it to her teacher on time. Her life was already collapsed as she was living a life without a mother. Her mother Thrace was suffering from dementia, a disease in which you die but it starts to grip your mind and you start forgetting almost everything even the most common and daily activities in your life.

Lora was a child with a powerful imagination she builds a treehouse she named it as the T- house so she could live there all day. Her father was always busy doing extra shifts and working hard just to feed his family his wife and little daughter Lora. His father was Atockian it is a religion believing in one god and explains GOD as energy which is evil and good. The good one is good spirits angels and God himself. The bad one is the demon, Devil, Satan, and hell. Lora’s father was extremely religious his name was Rick. But he was always nice to Lora as Lora was a Transgender her was still nice to her. Lora’s parents knew she was in trouble since she was born so they never made her feel like she was different or not one of them. Instead, they made Lora their daughter as they were having no other child.


She was alone their only child but she was in trouble at school being bullied by almost the whole school. She was scared that will affect her mother mentally so she decided not to talk about anything like that in front of her parents. She few times tried and told her mother but her mother forgot.


The wealthiest person in this life is who made others actually love him/her. But that was not the case with Lora as she was so nice to everyone but nobody was ever nice to her. Lora used to roam in the woods all the time as she was having no friends whenever she was free from homework and cleaning, washing clothes and dishes. Then she would wander in the woods near her house. Her house was on the countryside as her parents were unable to afford one inside the city.


Her mother was a Catholic before she married her father. After that, she accepted the faith of her father as he was extremely religious.  Her mother was a writer she was famous for her tale of “The monster under my bed”. It was about a girl who was unable to sleep at night as she imagined that a monster was almost always under her bed. Lora’s mom was a writer of a creepy and strange type of fiction always about a person’s own mental illness and disease, and loss and rot, every type of human pain, fear and guilt. Her mother passed from a difficult childhood. Lora’s grandmother Amelia thought that her daughter is a witch and send her mother to a school for special children. It was a school with strict reservations and strict staff that was always concentrated in torturing children. Those were all Catholic children bounded by fake and fabricated beliefs of the Catholic faith.


Thrace ( Lora’s Mom) was always afraid as she a priest would daily visit her in class and would take her for an exorcism. She was having nicknames as Borja, Gori and Witch. Apart from all this she was mentally strong and started her career in writing books that were loved by the readers all over the world.

She was a famous writer until she went into the condition of dementia which was a horrible turn in her life. It started slow but then it took everything from her. She was even unable to change her clothes as she never remembered which ones she wore at which time of the day.

She was suffering from extreme Dementia so she stopped writing became a housewife. Her husband was a plumber and would always be out. Her daughter Lora was the one who took care of her always and also she would give daddy his medicine and mommy her medicine.


So Lora’s childhood was the worst anyone could ever see but she was still willing to live without any friends or calmness in her life. She suffered but as a gift from her mother, she was imaginative and creative. She was able to imagine Dorothy Higgins a girl who used to kill animals just to do taxidermy on them. 


Some people preserve themselves from others just to wonder about them. Like this Lora set limits to herself until grade 5 she was trying to make friends but after grade 7 she stopped trying, she stopped trying and opening herself in front of others just so that they will become her friends. 


Edited: 16.10.2019

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