The Doll House

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The Doll In the Woods

 The Doll in the woods


Lora’s house was far and there were always these woods in front of every house in that neighborhood.


Actually there was a single scale. The houses in that neighborhood outside the City were in a row. The row was straight starting from City Gate till the Small town of Claster. That was a town about 30 kilometers distance from the City. 


Sometimes, Lora would go outside to play in the woods. But she never went far but always in the 1 Km distance from the house. Actually these woods were cut down while building this neighborhood. But there were not these only but there was a forest at a distance of 1 Km in every house in the neighborhood. 


It was like a row of houses straight in a line. Then in front of them a whole forest at a distance of about 1 Km from that equal row. It was a neighborhood build on geometrical scales. It was not stylish or classy but it was still nice. 


There was about 0.5 Km distance of each house in the neighborhood from each other. There were not too many houses in the whole area. The people in that neighborhood kind of hated each other. No one would ever help anyone or even talk or chat with anyone in the neighborhood it was like having no say with anyone in a single neighborhood. 


Only, Mis Loona who was the school teacher of Lora knew her parents that they live in her neighborhood. Otherwise, there were no kids playing with each other in a single neighborhood ever. Like Lora was having no friends in her neighborhood. 

Having no kid around was kind of nice for Lora as she thinks if there would have been any kids here like in the School, instead of being friends they would have tried to bully her by telling her that she is not one of them that she is a transgender.


At that time there was really no trend of giving respect to transgenders or the whole LGBTQ community. Everyone just laughed and made fun of their rawness, their emptiness. As they were incomplete they were neither male or female just because of this they were not categorized in human beings and they were highly criticized due to their gender which was not common and that is why never acceptable.


Lora was suffering from a lot of things at that time medically, financially, sexually, socially, and educationally especially by mental needs. Like sleeping, exercising, thinking and resting. These all were the key terms not available in the Life of Lora anymore and forever.


Once when her mother was still not a patient of Dementia was sitting right beside Lora and told Lora something that changed her way of thinking about Life.


They were on a train to Alaska a City far away from their City. As her mother just published her Novel. “The bell that rang in the lovely night” it was a love story. It was a beautiful Novel one of her mother’s bestseller. Well, what happened to the money that came from the last Novel was spent on playing Poker in the Club by Lora’s Dad. He was not always a nice man. Lora’s mother was going to this City Alaska as part of the Tour for her new novel.


“Hey what is with you today? Why are you so sad?”


Asked Lora’s mother Thrace as she saw Lora a lot more upset in the whole train ride. 

“I don’t know why isn’t Daddy with us! You promised you will bring him this time, you never ever brought him to any of your tours.”


Replied Lora.


“I didn’t because he was so drunk to talk and that is why we fought and I left him.”


“And why would you fight if he is drunk.”

“Because he spent all the money I gave him to buy a piano for you!”


“Where he spent it?”




“The money you said, I am asking where he spent all the money.”


“He played Poker with it all night our train was in the morning I waited for him all night just praying for him to be alright. But here he is sleeping on our doorstep drunk from all Night Poker Club. I asked him about your Piano! I knew he was not having it, I knew he was not going to buy it for you but I still gave him all the money. So yeah! I fought with him and we had quite a big fight all night then he tells that it is not his fault and Yeah! So, I didn’t bring him with me and you, so he will not ruin this tour also. It is a professional business you know not home so I will not be having time to fight with him. Maybe let’s not talk about him but I will buy my beautiful Girl that Piano, you know how much you need it.”




“ I am happy to see you excited. And desperate, but you know when you are little Life is quite easy and simple, because Mummy and daddy are always there to take care of you but when you grow up your Life will fall into the level of complexity that you would have never imagined it to fall before ever. You know and maybe at that time Mummy and Daddy won’t be there to support you. So, remember you can’t get anything in your life just because you think you need it. So be desperate and curious always but also try to be much smarter also. Spend your money on things that really matter not the things that are part of your fantasy.”


“Yes, mummy!”


“Hmm! That’s my girl and that is why I love you the most!”


Edited: 16.10.2019

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