The Dragon and the lighting ball

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The emitting light leads them to a remote house, nestled in a valley surrounded by high hills covered in thick forests.

Yè fēng cannot believe his eyes, his head tilts slightly to the left and he mutters, “It can’t be?”

Shuìmián yuèlià pats him on the arm and asks, “What is it, my dear grandson?”

   “That is the Emperor brother’s home. No, would he really do something like this?”

Liúxīng starts to point his hand out in front of him and says, “Well there is your evidence.”

They all look around the right side of the building to see a giant black bird is fast asleep in the garden.

   “Do you have any idea why he would have done this?”

   “None Lèguān... No, could it be he did it to make himself appear more powerful than his brother?”

The Dreamer shrugs his shoulders and replies, “The possibilities are endless. We will have a better idea when we have confronted him. However, first of all, I am going to release the bird.”

   “I do not mean any disrespect,” says the Monkey Emperor, performing a slight bow. “Are you sure that is wise, when it is not itself?”

Lèguān gives him a smile and replies, “You are sweet, looking out for me. Yes, I may be tiny, nonetheless, my son. I am quite capable of taking care of one...oh make that two birds. On second thoughts I may need a distraction if the other bird awakens.”

They all give him a nod.

Yè fēng has to quickly stop the little Storm Dragon from running off his arm, he gently sits him back on his shoulder. However, the little creature will not corporate and he tries again to make a run for it.

This is when the Dreamer takes hold of him and says in a soft calm voice, “Easy little one. I know you can sense your sibling is within the house. It is not safe, you must stay with your dad.”

Yè fēng shakes his head and replies with a laugh, “Dad? I’m not his dad.”

   “Oh yes you are. You were there when he hatched and the first thing he saw was you. I’m afraid even if we find his parents, he will not return to them, because he sees you now as his parent.”

   “I understand as I thought this would happen and I do not mined one bit.”

   “Glad to hear it. Now you stay put little one,” says Lèguān, giving the little dragon a stoke under his chin. “There’s a good boy.”

The little dragon returns to his owners shoulder and rubs the side of its face along his chin.

   “Now you are settled, I’m going in. Please remain where you are for the time being.”

The others nod and watch him approach the bird, who seems to staring right at him.

The Dreamer holds out his left hand and begins to say in a bold voice, “Un sa ka tin la un ta min us sa ki, inlan ta, kim ma sin ta.”

The large bird seems to puff all of its feather, making itself look like a round ball with a beak, and gives out an ear piercing screech.

Lèguān shouts, “KA SA UN LIN TA MIN SA!”

The birds awful noise brings a small group of men out of the house only to be confronted by two Dragons and something they have not seen before.

The birds screeching stops, it blinks its eyes and asks, “Dreamer, where am I?”

   “It’s all right dear boy, you’re safe now. You were under the influence of an incantation. What is the last thing you remember?”

   “A bright flash of lighting... I see my sister is also here. Sister?” says the bird, patting her with his wing. “What’s the matter with her? Please Dreamer help her.”

   “Please call me Lèguān. Do not worry I will help her.”

The bird bows his head and replies, “Thank you Lèguān.”

The Dreamer goes on to repeat the same incantation, only this time it does not seem to work, he gently forces the eyelids apart to see the pupil is fully dilated. This makes him place his ear to the creatures side. He breaths a sigh of relief when he hears the heart is beating within.

   “Is there something else you can try?”

   “Yes, I wonder if it will work,” replies Lèguān, pulling the book from the cloth bag and starts to flick through it.

Then he notices a man is making his way over to them, he points his hand at the large birds and snaps, “Young lady you leave them alone!”

The Dreamer looks around, then glances down at his full round chest and replies, “Don’t let them fool you, child. I am the Ancient Dreamer Lèguān. And you child have taken these birds against their will. You used them to destroy a Storm Dragons nest and take two of their children. All I want to know is why?”

The man’s face fills with fear, he takes a step back and mutters, “The Legendary Dreamer.”

   “Yes, that is my other title. I suggest you start explaining why you did it.”

The man falls to his knees, all Lèguān is able to decipher through his babbling is something about how he wanted to show he had power over the gods and he never wanted anything like this to happen.

Yè fēng slowly makes his way over to them only to be stopped by the Dreamer who says in a soft voice, “See what other information you can get out of him whilst I work on the other bird.”


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