The Entity

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Wild thoughts and dreamscapes.

“We need to get out of here,” Ash says.

“The thought definitely did cross my mind,” you say sarcastically while pounding your fist against the unbreakable show glass.

“What about your brother?” you ask.

“My brother?” there is bewilderment written on her face. That scares you more than anything.

You grab on to her shoulder and shake her. “Coal, weird guy. Remember?”

“Visitor you’re scaring me. I don’t know who you’re talking about.”

“But, he’s your brother!” 

Ash begins to cry. “I really don’t know.” 

Her lips tremble and tears roll from her eyes to her cheeks to her chin and then they dropped and were soon lost to you. But there was still the tear trail on both sides of her cheeks. You decide to wipe them off with your fingers. Slowly, you brush your hands on her cheeks. They are soft and moist.

Her honey brown eyes, which has somehow developed dark circles beneath them, stares at you. Princesses always want to be kissed on the cheek, one of your friends from school had said when you asked him one curious morning what girls normally did with their boyfriends. Those words had run meaningless in your head at the time when you were a child. But you are a grown man now.

So you lean down and kiss her cheek. First one then the other. Then you bring her close to you and wrap her in a hug. She seems to welcome it.

“Oh visitor,” she says. “You’re losing it.”

That is a puzzling response. “Losing it?”

“Yes. You’ve started seeing things that aren’t there, like a brother I never had.”

“I’m telling you, you have a bro—“

Creeeeaaak creeeaaak creeeaaaak

You break the hug and pound furiously against the glass. Any moment now and you’ll be grabbed by the entity’s cold hands. And you’ll feel your head rammed into its toothy maw where worms and other dead things will bore into the holes in your face, your eye sockets, your nose, your mouth. They’ll bore until they’ve gotten to your brain.

“The entity feasts on brains,” Coal had said. “They suck on them like a bottle of yogurt. Gulping them down until there’s a cavernous space where your brains used to be.”

Creeeaaak creeeaak creeeeaaak

“It’s here,” Ash says. She points into the dark room. She's visibly shaking like a jelly now. You can tell she's obviously trying to stay calm, but it's not working. You gaze at her face and her lips keep trembling. The smile is there, but barely. And it keeps trembling. Somehow it all seems robotic to you. 

“Can you tell me what it looks like?” you ask. “My vision is hazy and dark.”


“I can barely see, but I feel its air and I smell its stench. It smells of blood and bone and ash.”

Then you feel a vibration in the room. The cold presence disturbs the air. It is as if the presence is making the air even darker and devoid of life. You begin to feel a tugging. It starts slowly at first, then becomes more urgent, more forced. Like the force of a straw sucking on yogurt, pulling the yogurt into the mouth of the drinker.

And you feel the entity from the other end of the room. It is tugging on your soul.

And then you see it come at you, the whole force of it. You think it rushes into you. You think.

Ash definitely screams.

There is a type of vibration inside your body as if your blood is boiling up. You can feel it in your veins. Then your eyes roll to the back of your head and…

Izu Obi

Edited: 04.01.2019

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