The girl

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*The Girl *

Sounds of a Colombian folk song' la casa en el aire' from Rafael Escalona was heard throughout Ciudad bolivar , a slum in Bogota , the music came from a video Library nearby , next to a Video library was a shop that sold used bicycle spare parts , two boys in their skinny jeans and a girl with her curly hair in a dark brown t-shirt showed up throughout the slum , walked towards the shop that gathered and sold used bicycle spare parts .
The two boys waited outside the shop as the girl went inside , reaching the counter table , she banged it really hard with both her hands .
“Yes, how can I help you girl ?” The shop attendant who was alone inside the shop asked .
“I was here yesterday, don't you remember ?” She asked . “ I've come to pick up what I asked you to get me .”
“Oh I remember now , just sit there I will bring you a cup of coffee as I get you what you want .“
“Listen to me man , I'm not here to have a cup of coffee , just get me what I want and I will leave .” the girl pulled out a gun from a black jacket she was wearing on top her dark brown t-shirt , she placed it on a table .
“Calm down girl , I am only trying to pull up a nice gesture .” He raised his hands up .
“Well am not interested in your nice gestures , just get me what I came here for .” In her her eyes ,she looked like she's faced many demons .
As the man was going further inside the shop to get the girl what she wanted which was money , one of the two boys outside blow a whistle after seeing cops closing by , the cops knew who they were, they've been looking for children who are involved in drug trafficking and extorting money from the locals, so when they saw them ,they began running after them, the girl didn't wait for what the shop attendant was to give her , she ran out ,two cops ran after her as the other cops ran after the other two boys ,the girl ran throughout the markets in the slum, jumping over peoples' merchandise , with her gun in her hands , began remembering the kind of training she went through with the guerrillas in the jungle . How they jumped tree trunks , rivers , rocks just not be caught.
The other two boys managed to get to their motorbike, the cops lost them ,for the girl, she kept on running and running , when she suddenly thought of looking back , saw that they were no longer after her, thought to herself that she has lost them ,they surprised her from the front in a corner from both sides ,pointed their guns at her and asked her to put down her weapon , she laid down her weapon ,one of the cops rushed to her , had her arms at her back , handcuffed her and she was arrested .
“The girl claims to be twenty doctor Tatania, we can not keep her here .“ A man in his army green uniform , believed to be a general explained to a woman in her doctor's lab coat .
“But earlier you told me that she doesn't look twenty , you know it will be child abuse if we throw her out to a maximum prison . “Tatiana replied .
“So ,we're going to keep her here with others , remember she has experience in guns , she's extra-ordinary , it has been difficult to catch her , a girl like her is no ordinary girl , she's dangerous ”
“Let me talk to her ,then we will see what we can do next .”
“Alright doctor .” the general agreed .
Tatiana went inside where the girl was confined , sat down on the other side of the table ,looked at the girl but the girl had her head down with all her curly hair covering her face .
“Do you mind if you can keep your head up ?” she ordered the girl .
The girl lifted her head and her curly hair flipped back onto her neck ,looked at Tatiana , Tatiana stared at her and asked her age , she didn't reply , again asked her age ,she refused to reply , asked her for her name but still the girl refused to say a word .
“I know you may not like being here but let me tell you one thing , your silence won't help you either , if insist on keeping quiet , we will assume you're twenty as you told the cops who brought you here and when that happens we will consider you a grown ,throw you out to a maximum prison or send you outside where the guerrillas will come back for you , am sure you don't like the life there and very well aware how life is hard out there with them .” Tatiana explained .
“And what if I'm not twenty , what will happen to me ?” Finally words came out of the girl's mouth .
“If you're not twenty , we can keep you here ,protect you and teach you a few hand works .”
“I'm seventeen , we were told to tell whoever asked about our age that we're older ”
“Well that's good then because you don't even look twenty .” she smiled .
“Can I count on you ?” She realized the doctor is a calm person to deal with .
“No doubt about that , here you're safe .”
Tatiana left the room and went to the general , told him that girl is a minor , she lied about her age because that's what the guerrillas taught them to make them feel mature ,and that they have to protect her no matter , the general agreed , told his men to go and let the girl mingle with others , later Tatiana came for her from others, she allocated her where she will be working , that's in the kitchen helping a certain boy of about nineteen years to bake cakes and also introduced to her who will be her room mates ,after doing so she left ,the girl kept her eyes outside the window.
“Hey you felon , what are you staring at ,are you missing your guerrilla boyfriends ?” A girl came from her back and tapped her .
“Just leave me alone .” She replied .
“Look at me when am talking to you girl .” She insisted on provoking her .
“I told you to leave me alone .” The girl grabbed her by her hair and pushed her down .
When the other girl tried to get up to come and defend herself , a boy who bakes cakes came in between the two ,asked them to cool down ,asked the other girl not to bother the new girl ,she backed off and left , the girl got back to her window ,began looking at others playing outside again .
The two other boys who were with girl before the cops arrested her , agreed on informing their superior of what has just happened , made a call to their boss who also happened to be a commander of the guerrillas.
“Did you get the package ?” He asked when he answered the call from a radio scanner .
“No we didn't , we got a little problem .”
“What do you mean you got a little problem , what problem was that ?”
“The girl .” one of the boys who made the call replied
“What about the girl , what happened to her ?”
“The cops took her .”
“Are you kidding me , how could she let herself caught by the cops ?, Go back to that shop ,get the package and get the girl , you must bring her back here .” he ordered .
“ We will sir .” He hanged up , told his comrade what they're supposed to .
From talking to their commander , they thought of how they're going to get the girl from where she has been kept , getting the girl back was the difficult part and the easiest part was to get the package from the shop attendant , after a deep thinking for about a minute , the two agreed on one plan on how to get the girl out of the place they believed the girl was taken . .
In the offices of the place where the girl has been kept , Tatiana made a call to a certain family in the country side of Medellin , a woman in her late forties answered .
“Hello , who is this ?” she asked .
“Good afternoon Ms , my name is Tatiana and am a doctor at St Mary's orphanage , am calling because according to records , it shows you were once looking for a girl called Tabna Bustamante ,according to descriptions you gave of that seven year old, we have found a girl of similar descriptions , we thinks it's your girl and most of the tests we've made from her match .” Tatian explained .
“You mean you've found my daughter?” The woman joyfully cried .
“We can not be sure whether it's your daughter or not but it's better you come to Bogota and see for your self .”
“Thank you doctor Tatiana , thank you , I will be in Bogota tomorrow .”
The woman's husband was coming back from work when he saw his wife crying , he asked her what had happened , told him that their daughter might have been found and she's at an orphanage , she has to go and confirm if it's their daughter , tears streamed on her husband's face too ,both were excited about the news since they've been looking for their daughter for almost 10 years now .
The next morning at around 8am the woman showed up at St Mary's orphanage, saw many children aged ten to eighteen playing basketball outside on a basket ball court ,others sited reading and others gardening ,she went to the gates and asked the guard if she could see doctor Tatiana , the guard directed her to where doctor Tatiana's office was , when she got there ,Tatiana asked her to wait in her office , went out and called out for a guard , the guard came and she asked him to get the girl who was just admitted to the orphanage ,the girl was brought before her ,Tatiana asked her to sit down ,the woman kept on staring at her as she sat down .
“Excuse me doctor Tatiana , could you ask to flip her hair at the back ?” The woman begged .
“Do as she says girl .” Tatiana requested .
The girl had her hair at the back ,her face was visible before the woman ,the woman looked so shocked ,she tried to get off her seat to hug her but the girl got from her seat and stepped back .
“My girl you're so grown ,you're a woman now .” The woman claimed
“Is she really the girl Ms ?” Doctor Tatiana asked .
“Yes she is , she's only having a few changes ,before she was younger but look now she's all grown up , my child ,how have you been , what happened to you ?”
“Listen to me Ms , I think you're mistaken , am not your daughter , you might have had difficulties in giving birth and you're looking for a child to adopt , sorry am not interesting in having a family right now .” the girl objected .
“You're the one , I'm not mistaken doctor , she's my Fiona .”
“Sit down girl , I brought this woman here because she has been looking for you for years , you have to calm down and listen to her .”
“If she's my mother where was she to save me from that horrible life I've been living , she's not my mother .” The girl seemed to have realized who woman really was but was angry with her .
“You're my daughter Fiona Bustamante .”
“Stop calling me that , that's not my name .” The girl raised her voice to her .
“You're my Fiona .”
“I'm not your Fiona , my name is 'Tabna' woman , you got that through your thick head ,i am ' Tabna .”
“Strange , I never even asked about her name but see , she's now letting it all out by herself , I think she's a nice girl , she's just angry Ms Meriya , give her sometime .” Tatiana looked surprised too .
“Tabna is my name and this woman should stop calling me funny names .”



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