The Heart of the Dragon

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Chapter 5

Checking the time on her watch, Angie saw that it had been nearly an hour since they crashed onto the island. She would have checked the time on her phone, but her screen had gotten cracked during the crash, too cracked that she wasn’t able to use it anymore. But even if she could, she knew it would be no use in using it since there was no service to call for help.

As she waited for any news from Mr. Monroe and the pilots, she began to examine her surroundings to try to past time. Most of Tammy’s body had been wrapped up in cloths to seal her opened wounds, Eli was now holding some tissues up his nose to catch the dripping blood, and Jackson was trying to make a fire using some twigs and a lighter, but it was no use, the lighter was out of juice.

“There’s no point in making a fire” Tammy muttered to him “The lighter’s not working, we don’t have any wood, and no plane or ship will be able to see the smoke since we’re in the middle of the ocean where no one goes.”

“I’ve got to try at least” Jackson snapped “Besides, it may get cold later tonight, so we might as well be prepared.”

“Well if we gotta be prepared-” Angie put in “Then we’re gonna need more wood. That means we’ll have to look around this island.”

“But Mr. Monroe said we shouldn’t leave this spot” Eli reminded.

“Well we’re gonna have to if we need to gather some firewood.”

Just then Mr. Monroe came out from the demolished plane as everyone waited for what he was about to say.

“Radio’s all jammed up” he announced disappointedly, “Although I’m pretty sure we can fix it.”

“And how long will that take?” Tammy asked.

“I’m not sure” he sighed.

“Well, I suggest we start a fire” Jackson proposed “Though we’re gonna need some wood.”

“We’ll gonna have to look around” Angie added, “Maybe go into the forest part.”

Mr. Monroe sighed again “Very well, but don’t go off too far, and I recommend you all carry some kind of weapon with you.”

Once they were ready, everyone split up and began to search the island for firewood with flashlights that guided their way. As she was doing so, Angie was already feeling uncomfortable, being alone on an island with no knowledge of it. She had already felt like she was being watched from the forest part like eyes were watching her every move. She only had a pocket knife with her as her only weapon, it might not be enough, but it was the best thing she’s got.

She was already far from the crashed sight to see the jet, but she was only a few blocks away and still on the shore so she knew she wasn’t lost. But to her disappointment, there was no firewood to be found on the shore. After letting out a small groan, she was about to turn back around when she suddenly heard some rustles in the trees. Looking up with her flashlight, she saw nothing but leaves and coconuts.

Thinking it was just the wind, she shrugged it off, only to be suddenly be startled when some branches fell from a tree and in front of her. She looked back up and once again saw nothing. Perhaps the branches were old and just fell on their own, but at least now she’s got some firewood. So after gathering the fallen branches, she turned around and began back towards the crash site, unknowingly that a pair of green eyes were watching her behind the leaves of the same tree the branches fell from.


Another hour had passed, it was nearly 10 according to Angie’s watch, and the sun was had already set. After a few tries, Jackson was able to get a fire started as everyone surrounded it. Hugging her knees up against her chest, Angie could barely feel the fire’s warmth, mainly due to the fact that she couldn’t stop thinking about the crash.

“We’re gonna die here aren’t we?” Tammy muttered while leaning against Eli who was leaning against a broken piece of the jet.

“There’s always a chance” he sighed “And I’m ready for it.”

Angie let out a small sigh while brushing a strand of her blonde hair back and out of her face.

“I’m sorry guys” Jackson suddenly apologized “I shouldn’t have brought you all into this, this is all my fault.”

“It’s not your fault Jackson” Angie heartened “You didn’t know this was going to happen.”

“But still, we’re all in this mess because of me.”

“She’s right, son” Mr. Monroe mumbled “It’s not your fault, I accepted the offer and you wanted to come with me. If anything, I should be the one to blame.”

“Fine by me” Tammy shrugged.

“Tammy!” Angie hissed as her friend nudged against her boyfriend.

This was not how things were supposed to go. It was supposed to be a fun adventure with her friends and crush, but instead, it’s been turned into a nightmare. One minute they were in the air, the next they’ve crashed onto an island in the middle of the ocean, and they still don’t know anything about it.

“Well, I don’t know about you guys” Eli suddenly spoke “But I’m gonna go to sleep. Wake me up when we’re in heaven.”

“Same” Tammy agreed.

“If you two wanna sleep, go into the jet” Mr. Monroe required “I know it’s messed up, but it’s better then sleeping out here.”

Following his command, Eli hoisted himself up while helping Tammy up.


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