The Heart of the Dragon

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Chapter 28

On the other side of the plane, it was all dead quiet except for the sounds of a group of soldiers who were marching down the hall with their guns by their sides. But as they started to walk past the cells, they began to hear a loud moaning coming from one of the doors as they stopped. The moaning sounded like a dragon or hybrid was in pain, and judging by how loud it was, it sounded painful.

“Should we open it?” one of the soldiers questioned.

“Hell no,” another one shook his head with fright, “It could jump on us and kill us in seconds.”

“But it sounds like it’s in pain, we gotta do something.”

The moaning happened again which caused them to jump back.

“Okay,” one of the soldiers spoke, “Haft of you go get help, the rest of us we’ll see what we can do.”

As haft of them went off, the other haft aimed their firearms at the door as they slowly stepped towards it while hearing a faint growling coming from the inside. And as one of the soldiers pulled out a key card, the others stood back and watched as he scanned the card across the sensor as they heard the door unlock as the growling suddenly stopped.

With all of them prepared to shoot, the first soldier quickly swung the door opened as they immediately aimed their guns inside. But to their surprise, it was empty.

“Where is it?” one of them demanded with his eyes widen.

Before anyone could say anything else, a hybrid swung down from above the room with a loud roar as he began to attack the soldiers who tried to fire their bullets at the creature, but the hybrid was so quick that most of their barely got a chance to aim and fire as they felt their firearms being knocked out as they got attacked by the being as their screams echoed across the plane and to everyone who heard it.

And everyone raced towards the sound and stumbled upon the scene, they all stopped with the look of terror as what they were seeing. In front of them were the slain bodies of the soldiers who all had bite marks and deep gashes all over their bodies, mostly at the neck area. It looked as if they’ve stumbled upon a scene from a horror movie with all the blood everywhere, even on the walls.

“Sound the alarm!” a soldier shouted as another soldier pulled the lever on the wall that signaled the alarm to go off.

And as everyone took off to get help, neither of them noticed Conner hiding on the wall as he jumped down while wiping the remaining blood off his mouth and hands. With a key card he had taken from one of the bodies, he began to use it on all the cell doors as he pulled the doors open to allow all the hybrids and dragons to come out.

“Come on!” he ordered, “We don’t have much time! Release everyone you can find!”

As they did so, Conner was about to head around a corner when he was stopped by Candace.

“Hey,” she spoke, “You know, I didn’t think you were willing to let us out, I thought you would take off without us.”

“I understand why you thought that,” he sighed, “And as much as I would love to talk about it, we gotta get going.”

“Right. Thank you, by the way.”

“Yeah, whatever.”

She let out a giggle as they went around the corner as they came upon a group of armed soldiers. Without even hesitating, the hybrids let out loud roars as they began to attack. With their muscles developed, their claws out, and their sharp teeth exposed, all of the hybrids and the dragons fought against anyone who stood in their way.

“We have to get to the other plane!” Candace ordered, “Hayden and his friends are in there!”


Having no choice, Angie was forced to follow the Commander into the jungle with some armed soldiers around her. She still had no idea why the Commander wanted to bring her, but she most likely knew it would end in her death.

“This way,” the Commander pointed as a soldier gave Angie a shove.

“Hey!” she snapped at him, “Don’t touch me! I can walk myself!”

But the soldier just snickered as he turned to the others, “I like her.”

After giving him a scowl, Angie turned around and continued to follow the Commander, hoping that she would find a way to get out of this situation, whether on her own or by getting rescued.


Still strapped to the table, Hayden knew he needed to find some way out of this quickly. Everyone was in danger, and if nobody did anything, more lives will be lost. If only he could take the chains off, at least that way he could break through the straps. He began to take notes on where each lock was. He saw that the closest one was near his right hand, but if only he had something long that he could use to pick the lock with, or at least break it.

But when one of the scientists made his way towards him as he began to write on a clipboard, that’s when Hayden spotted the pen the scientist was using. It wasn’t made of plastic, but rather metal. It was the best shot he had, now he just needed a way to get his hands on it. But when the scientist got closer to Hayden, the hybrid saw his opportunity to grab the pen, but he knew he couldn’t do it with the scientist awake and watching him, so he knew what he must do.

The moment the scientist was close enough, Hayden was able to grab onto his wrist as he dug his claws into the skin. And as the scientist tried to break away while shouting in pain, Hayden allowed the pen to fall out from the scientist’s hand and onto the table as he quickly pulled the scientist in as he banged his head against the table as he collapsed on the floor.


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