The Heart of the Dragon

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Chapter 31

With Hayden and Angie resting their pain, Commander Darabont hurried to shore to retrieve more explosives as he began to order his soldiers to do so.

“Hurry up!” he ordered, “The sooner the better!”

But just the soldiers began to make their way to the mountains with more explosives, the Commander noticed that the dark clouds had made their way to shore which blocked the sun. Having no idea what was causing them to abruptly appear, the Commander suddenly heard some loud roars coming from the planes. And when he turned around, he was shocked to see all of the dragons and hybrids who were now free as they jumped out from the planes and began to attack the soldiers while some began to fly towards the mountains.

The Commander was too frozen to run as he watched the bloody massacre as the dragons and hybrids slaughtered anyone who got in their way. Some of the soldiers tried to swim away, but that only made them get attacked by the water dragons who dragged them beneath the surface. Having no other choice, Commander Darabont began to dash towards the mountains. When he made it, he suddenly heard the sound of thunder as he gazed up to see the hybrid Ajax soaring through the sky as lightning began to form.

And as Hayden and Angie looked up from their spot, they watched as Ajax used his lightning element to send lightning bolts to the soldiers who were trying to set up the explosives.

“Wow!” Angie exclaimed amusedly “That’s incredible!”

“Angie! Hayden!”

Those familiar voices drew their attention to the side as they looked up to see Angie’s friends flying on the backs of dragons with Hayden’s friends flying by their sides.

“Hey!” Angie beamed with relief as they all flew down in front of them.

“Are you okay?!” Tammy gasped as she jumped off the dragon’s back and hurried to her best friend.

“What happened?!” Eli gasped when he noticed their injuries.

“You can say we survived an explosion” Hayden murmured.

“Yeah, we heard that back onshore,” Jackson remarked with shock “Are you guys okay?”

“I’m fine,” Angie assured when she turned to Hayden “But Hayden’s wing...”

“Move,” Candace ordered as everyone did so as she and the hybrids hurried to Hayden’s side and began to examine his broken wings.

“Well,” she observed, “They don’t appear badly broken, but it looks like they’re gonna need to be pushed back.”

“I know,” he groaned, “Just do what you gotta do.”

She stood up and placed her hands on the broken part of one of his wings.

“This is gonna hurt” he mentioned to the humans “A lot.”

“You ready?” Candace asked as Hayden hunched forward and dug his claws into the earth.

“Ready,” he sighed.

“Hold on a second” Brett spoke up as he turned to the humans “You guys might wanna cover your ears for this.”

Seeing the serious look on his face, Angie and her friends covered their ears and stepped back to watch the scene.

“Here I go,” Candace stated as she began to snap the broken wings into place.

And at that moment, Hayden let out a loud agonizing roar that echoed across the island. And as his sister kept pushing his wing fractures back into place, he kept on letting out powerful roars as his muscles tightened while his claws dug deeper into the ground. And for every roar that he let out, everyone could see his dragon teeth exposing as he stretched his neck back.

“Finished,” Candace announced as she let go of his wings as Hayden dropped to the ground.

“Hayden?” Angie gasped while kneeling near him.

“I’m fine,” he panted while pushing himself up as she helped support his weight.

“Can you fly?” she asked.

“Not for a while,” he breathed as he sank his wings into his back “They need to rest.”

All of a sudden, a loud explosion was heard as everyone felt the ground shake as they tried to steady themselves. But when they looked ahead, they couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw that the explosion came from another dynamite that had gone off on another side of the mountain.

“Oh my God,” Tammy gasped, “It keeps happening.”

“We have to stop this right now” Angie declared.

“I hear you,” Candace agreed, “Everyone spread out and try to take out as many explosives as you can. Be very careful.”

“Hayden, can you stand?” Angie asked gently.

“I think so,” he breathed as she carefully helped him onto his feet as he began to stretch out his body as everyone heard his bones cracking “I’ll be fine. I need to find Darabont.”

“Hayden, are you sure you can fight?” she asked with a concerned look “You look very weak.”

“It’s okay,” he assured, “I can handle this. I just can’t fly for a while, I’ll be okay.”

“Then I suggest we get on with this” Jayce proposed.

“He’s right,” Candace declared, “Let’s do this!”

The moment everyone split up, they all began to search for any explosives to turn off while dealing with the soldiers who tried to stop them. Each of the dragons and hybrids used the special powers of their elements to take down whoever stood in their way as they disarmed the dynamite while destroying them to make sure they could never work.


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