The Heart of the Dragon

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(Months later)

By the time December hit, everyone had left college for Christmas break to go back to their homes and spend time with their families. But for Angie and her 3 friends, spending time with their families were going to have to be put on hold for they had decided to try and visit the island of dragons and hybrids. Everyone was quite nervous as they boarded the helicopter from the nearby island where they had gone to after they were first rescued. And using the coordinate finder, they directed the pilot, who was still Leo, to fly to the island.

Everyone was both excited and anxious, for all they knew, they wouldn’t be able to find the island. Or if they did, things would be different. Nobody knew for sure what to expect, they just hope they would survive it.

“Is that it?!” Tammy suddenly pointed to something from below.

As everyone peered down, sure enough, they spotted the familiar island, and to their astonishment, it still had the old planes that were used by Darabont’s sinister plan.

“This is it!” Angie exclaimed, “We’ve found it!”

As everyone began cheering, Leo started to land the helicopter down on the beach as Angie jumped out the moment they touched the surface. With her heartstone necklace around her neck, she began to examine the place while slowly walking away from the helicopter. It was so quiet, not that she was surprised, it was usually quiet on the beach. But surely the sound of the helicopter would have sounded the dragons and hybrids to come and investigate. Perhaps they were hiding, but why?

“Hello?!” Angie called out, but no response.

“Angie!” she heard Tammy call out from the helicopter “Maybe you should stay close to the helicopter.”

“I’ll be fine” Angie assured while keeping her eyes on the jungle “I know they’re here, I can feel it.”

As she clutched onto the heartstone, she had a feeling she was being watched, and not just from her friends.

“Hayden?” she softly called out “It’s me, Angie.”

She waited, but still no response.

“Do they even know we’re here?” Eli wondered.

“They’ve got to” Angie declared while turning to face them “They should’ve heard the sound of the helicopter.”

But as soon as her back was turned to the jungle, she suddenly felt a presence behind her that made her friends gasp. At first, she thought they were looking at something frightening behind her, but as soon as she saw smiles forming on their faces, she knew exactly who was behind her as she felt her heart began to beat with a warm feeling.

And the moment she turned around to see him, she could already feel the joy bursting through her as she stared into the hybrid’s green eyes and the smile that sent shivers down her back. As she expected, he was shirtless to expose his toned body, and on his wrist, he wore her compass bracelet she had given him all those months ago.

Neither of them said anything, they were too busy staring into each other’s eyes and smiling that they couldn’t move. But the moment they each heard the sounds of their hearts beating in sync, Hayden began to speak with that voice that Angie has been dreaming to hear again for all those months.

“I knew we would see each other again.”

The End


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