The Jedi Path

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Chapter Three

They followed the jedi master to a turbolift, then up to the veranda, to meet master Yoda for Force training near the Sunlit roof.
"Greetings Younglings," the little green alien Smiled at them as they filed into the room. "Trust in the Force and guide you, it will. Please observe." With a wave of small, wrinkled hand, several cushions that had been lined up along the wall floated into the air, circled the room once, then settled back into place. "Let the Force flow through you.Take a pillow and practice the lift."
Jaxon took a cushion from the line and retreated to a corner of the room. Weighing it in his hands, he tossed it lightly into the air.
"Use the Force, you must, for this lesson to work, young Selizar." Yoda Scolded him lightly. everyone around him laughed, and Jaxon felt the blood rush to his face, when the pillow suddenly launched straight into the air, bumped the ceiling and fell down again, Once more under the influence of gravity. Over the laughter of his classmates, Jaxon heard the old master say. "Be mindful of your feelings, Youngling. Anger is no friend to you."

After that initial accidental success, Jaxon struggled to concentrate on using the Force to move the cushion even an inch, but Yoda and the Jedi master walked among the students, offering encouragement and sooner than Jaxon would have liked, it was time to go back to the meditation chamber.

Staring at his hands, folded in his lap during the session, Jaxon tried to recall the dream, but it was quickly fading from his memory, and the Force Voices from before did not return. Instead, his thoughts turned to what Yoda had said about feelings. It was a well known piece of Jedi philosophy, but for some reason it stuck more than usual this time. Anger is one step after fear along the path to the Dark Side, and Jaxon shuddered to think of succumbing to that. The Sith were the source of much of the trouble that the Jedi had endured through their history. Jaxon didn’t know the details, but he knew the Sith were the worst of the worst. People who used the Force to hurt others in the galaxy. Jaxon knew that there were some people in the galaxy that didn’t get along. He heard the Jedi masters and their apprentices talking about trouble all the time, but nothing as bad as the looming shadow of the Dark Side. After about an hour of quiet, the meditation session was over, and Jaxon followed the rest of his clan to a classroom somewhere in the depths of the temple. Lined with small desks, it looked like any other classroom in the galaxy. Jaxon took his seat next to Nita, and on the other side sat Chase. Nita smiled at them both before pulling out a writing pad and stylus from a drawer inside the desk.

“Greetings, Younglings.” Said the jedi master as she strode into the room. Standing up beside his desk, Jaxon bowed to the teacher with the rest of his class.
“Hello Master Yana.” The clan said in unison, before sitting down once more.
“Now, let us review the history of the order. "The Force is timeless," Master Yana began, "but the Jedi have not always been around to interpret its signs. Many centuries before the republic, our predecessors first heard the Force's call on..." Here she paused, waiting for a response from the class.
"Tython?" Someone spoke up.
"Very good. The Seers of Tython knew the Force as the Ashlara, but the understood it in much the same way we do: As a source of wisdom from which we can draw strength, as well as move objects without touching them."
A faint laugh rippled through the room as master Yana continued.
"Please turn your handbooks to Page Nine. The Force Wars were fought between the Seers, when many turned to the dark side. These conflicts were mirrored by the many conflicts with the Sith, before they were finally defeated..."
As Yana spoke, Jaxon could feel the hairs on the back of his neck rising. He thought he could sense an unfamiliar presence, as if he was being watched by unfriendly eyes. Looking around though, only Chase was grinning at him, and no one unfamiliar was in the room at all. Shaking off the feeling, Jaxon grinned back at his friend, then turned back to the lesson.


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