The Light's Shadow

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Chapter 2

Philip Bottenberg as Vittorio Stanzolio


Present December 22nd, 2035

Vittorio and I are sitting on the couch together. I am showing him some of the garbage that is also known as the original version of this book. He thinks that the original version is okay. Right now I’m trying to make sure that he knows that it’s awful.

"Okay, so basically, you think that the book you made 16 years ago is terrible. However, what I see right here looks fine to me. I think you’re just overreacting,"

I looked at Vittorio as if he was blind. I bet that he was skim reading instead of actually reading the book.

"Well, since I know that you couldn’t care less as to what, how about I just read one of my excerpts out loud?"

Vittorio shrugged as he allowed me to read a piece of the original version of this book, I cleared my voice and took a deep breath as I prepared to read this monstrosity.

’I love you. I know for a fact that I will never be able to understand why you question how much I do... But you have given me something I’ve never had. And that’s my shadow.

Love isn’t selfless, sweet or innocent. Love is dark, selfish and passionate. And I wouldn’t have known what love genuinely was without you. Love is a dangerous drug with intoxicating feelings as side effects.

You may think being my shadow is terrible, but what is light without its darkness? What’s a life without the inevitable death? You must realise how much you mean to me, right? I even made this sappy speech for you. But let’s be honest, you are worth it.’

By the time I finished, Vittorio had looked at me, then at the laptop, then back at me before giving his opinion.

"Wow, that was... terrible. It’s one of the most generic things you can ever have in a romantic novel. This bland excerpt is something I wouldn’t even think to read in a million years,"

I flare my arms in victory as I proceeded to rub it in his face. When it comes to disagreeing about something, Vittorio is usually the one that wins the argument. It mostly because he can back up his argument with facts and doesn’t just take it personally like me.

But one thing he should know that I know myself more than anyone does on this entire planet, especially when it comes to something that I made or hate. But it was nice to be with Vittorio. Just sitting down and looking at my mistakes.

"Wait. You wrote this when you were sixteen, right?"

I stopped flaring my arms and looked at him. I don’t know what Vittorio was on about with what he just said.

"Yea, why?"

Vittorio started to space out as if he was solving a puzzle before he replied.

"So, from what you read out loud, it seemed as if your definition of love at the time was different as to what your definition of is right now. And since you told me that you’ve only dated one person during high school, was this said person so much to you that it influenced your writing?"

I sighed as I nodded my head. Even though it was a long time ago, it still changed me to what I am now. I closed my eyes as I remembered the last thing that happened before we broke up.

’You don’t deserve to live the FUCKING life that God gave you because you don’t have the right to ruin mine, you giant CUNT!!!’

I didn’t even realize that I was crying before Vittorio wiped my cheek to wipe the tears. I hugged him tightly as if my life depended on it.

I’m so lucky to have someone like Vittorio. He is always helping me when I need it most. And sometimes it’s just crazy to think that two years ago, we met in a club.

"Hey Vittorio, do you remember how we first met?"

Vittorio started laughing as if I said the funniest thing in the world. He then tucked his head between my neck and shoulder.

"How can I not remember? It was the night that completely changed my life. Because if it weren’t for that day, I wouldn’t have met you or have our family. Just us with all the good and bad times together."

Sometimes, I think that I’m dreaming because he is everything I dreamed of in a man. He is kind, humble, protective, and profoundly respects me.

Before I knew he was a Satanist, I would take him to my church sometimes. He wouldn’t look or seem uncomfortable around my church members.

I do not and will not regret how Vittorio and I met.

I will not betray him if he needs me to be on his side.

Everyone may not accept our love, but we have a mutual respect that no one could ever break. And I think that’s all we need.

No matter how my beliefs were different from his.

I wish that my parents got to see the sweet, lovely, and respectable side of him. Then maybe they can see how happy we are with him.

Because he is patient

He is kind

He does not envy

He is...


Past- June 22nd, 2034

Johnny, Jessie and I all entered The Blazing Lights. The Blazing Lights is one of the biggest clubs there is on the earth. So, it was going to be more fun than all the other times we went out clubbing.

The first thing I saw in the club saw was sweating bodies dancing to loud, generic music. The club was pitch black, with bright, blinding, strobe lights everywhere. I guess that’s why they call it The Blazing Lights.

"Okay guys, we’re going to go to the bar, buy a few shots and then we’ll go to the dance floor," Jessica instructed. When we got to the bar, we ordered four vodka shots — one for me, one for John and two for Jessica.


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