The Light's Shadow

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Chapter 6

Hamid Fadaei as Abdullah Alvi


Present- April 3rd, 2036

I stood in front of John's house, nervously. The invitations in my hand were the only reason as to why I felt butterflies in my stomach. After being with Vittorio for over a year, we both felt ready to get married in three months. 

I rung the doorbell and waited nervously. I heard someone come down the stairs. But I was shocked to see that it wasn't Johnathan that opened the door, but instead, it was Abdullah. 

"Hello, Christine, how are you doing?" I smiled as I felt myself physically relax. For some reason, Abdullah always made me feel at ease. 

"I'm doing fine, thank you. Um, where is Johnathan, exactly?"

"Oh, John is sleeping on the bed. Yesterday was a bit hectic. Come in. I was making tea." I nodded my head and walked inside. I took off my shoes and followed Abdullah into the living room. He went into the kitchen and prepared two cups of tea. 

"So, tell me, Christine," Abdullah came out with the cups. he carefully placed the cup on the coffee table. 

"What brings you into our house?" I watched as he sipped on his tea, patiently waiting for my answer. I looked down at my drink before I explained. 

"Well, as you know, Vittorio and I have been engaged for about two years. After everything that has happened between us, you know (with Stan), we finally feel like that we want to get married. Johnathan has been a part of my life for over twenty years. So, I wanted to personally invite both you and Johnathan to our engagement party and wedding." Abdullah had a smile on his face. I quickly gave the invitations to him. 

"Thank you so much for taking out your own time to give these to us. I'll be sure to let Johnthan know," I continued to sip the beverage as he inspected the invitations. 

Abdullah was just a very polite person. Not only was he a renowned doctor, but for his age, he was mature and treated everyone with honesty, loyalty, and respect. No wonder was he loved by his co-workers and his patients. 

Johnathan was a lucky man. 

Just as I was about to take my leave, Johnathan walked into the living room. He was wearing pyjamas (Even though it was three pm on a Thursday) and pecked Abdullah's cheek before sitting next to me. 

"Johnathan, we were talking about you. Christine has given us an invitation to her and Vittorio's wedding." John smiled as Abdullah gave him his invitation. 

"It's about time, Christine. I was thinking that you weren't going to go through with it,"

"Trust me, I think now is the best time to tie the knot. Being with his has brought the best of me. I hope that he feels the same way." Abdullah and John were staring at each other knowingly before Abdullah spoke. 

"I believe that he feels the same way. When we hang out, Vittorio seems only to want to be with you. Both of you have had some ups and downs, but you have learned from them and has made you stronger. He has already accepted Nathanial as his child and is willing to become a father. A responsibility that most men would want to reject.

Trust me.

He feels the same way." I smiled as I thought of the type of person Vittorio was. 

"Thank you. Well, I have to get back. See you soon, guys," I stood up to put my shoes on. They followed behind me and stood on the porch. As I walked to my car, I turned around and waved at them. They waved back at her before they walked back inside, closing the door behind them. 

Johnathan was lucky to have someone like Abdullah. He was there for me and was also able to help me get back on track. The fact that he put the time to help me give me some self-worth when I was at my lowest made him an even better person. 

He is more to me than just Johnathan's partner. His character as a whole is much more than what he makes it out to be. 

That is because he is...

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Past- 20th August 2034

I was sitting in the chapel of my church. Usually, I would be listening to my pastor's sermon. However, I have been feeling nauseous for a while. I mean, it has been going away, which is good. But I have been gaining weight. I'm not one to watch my diet, but out of all the times for my stomach to look more bloated, it is when I am in a relationship. 

 Stan and I have been going steady. I'm kind of afraid as to how fast we are moving. But it feels, so natural with him by my side. We don't always have to have a conversation, but when we do, we never stop. We never have to act like different types of people. 

I have no idea why I feel like this, and, I don't want it to stop. 

"Christine" The pastor's voice brought me back to reality. It was then that I realised that almost everyone that has left. The pastor smiled at me and down next to me. 

"Okay, Christine, what has you distracted?" I smiled at the pastor. A man that was always there for me. 

"I'm sorry, Pastor Henry. I have been very sick. I am just not in the best state of mind" The pastor nodded before he saw something on the back of my neck. Almost immediately, he held a grin on his face. It was a bit creepy, to be honest. 

"Christine, the Lord, has a reason for everything. So do not worry, everything will be alright." I smiled at the pastor and saw him stand up and leave. Maybe, this was just because of guilt. I mean, Johnathan and Jessica left me. But waiting for them to run back to me and apologise was ridiculous. I just had to be the bigger person and forgive. 


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