The mysterious towers

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Old acquaintances

Lèguān has been in a village which lies north of the crescent moon island. Yagan jae has to cross the sea to each the mainland in a region known to day as Shandong in a small mountain village surround by a large dark forest, which until a few days ago was over run with Paranoid Pixies. Terrible fairy like creatures that look like they have come from your worst nightmares. They have twisted or matted black hair, razor sharp teeth, needle claws, greyish-blue skin and no eyes, just black empty orifices. The Dreamers have been battling with these hideous creatures for centuries, they come into this world by ways of a door in to the other realm which is not guarded. Only the Dreamer, the other gods, Soul Drinkers and the Healers with the purple eyes can see them as reflecting mirrors. To everyone else the only signs that a doorway is there is by strange glowing flowers, mushrooms growing in the heat of summer and odd looking creatures that are not normally found in the region.

A young lady who the legendary Dreamer has been staying with is on the lookout this morning for his good friend the Black Dragon, she sees him come out of the clouds to land in the fields a little way down. She goes running over to him calling, "Yè huī! Yè huī!" (Night ash)

Yagan jae can tell from her face something is wrong, he greets her half way up the lane and asks, "What is it daughter?"

   "It's Lèguān, he is not very well. He is hot to the touch and his cheeks have gone very pink."

   "Ah heat."


   "Come, I'll explain on the way."

The young lady nods and they start to make their way up the lane to a the small house.

   "Every spring, summer, autumn, winter our bodies get ready to conceive a child. He is not ill, it is just part of a god's life. Come to think of it, he is a bit late. Not to worry I will soon have him feeling a lot better."

With his different accent the lady is only able to understand about half what the Black Dragon has said and asks, "I'm sorry. So you are saying there is nothing to worry about?"

   "Forgive me I should speak slower. Yes, nothing to worry about. He is going to be fine. This is perfectly normal."

   "I understand," replies the young lady, giving him a worried smile.

The mortal takes him round the back and says, "You have to see his robe, something terrible happened in that forest."

   "What do you mean, Kāihuā (Blossom)?"

The young lady holds up a little robe which is covered in tiny claw marks, both of the long sleeves are sensed at the edges. When she shows him the back it is covered in tiny foot and handprints.

"That's not all, he too is covered in little cuts all on his hands, neck and face."

Yagan jae eyes open wide he takes hold of one of the little sleeves and says, "The scorched marks are from opening up a doorway into the other realm, too close. My goodness it looks like he was over run with them."

"My husband found him collapsed in the garden, we cleaned his cuts and put him to bed. Then this morning, he seemed to be in some discomfort."

The Black Dragon can see tears are forming in the young lady's eyes, he pulls her close and whispers, "Do not worry Kāihuā, he has been through worse than this."

   "You're right, Yè huī. You will find him in the back room."

Yagan jae gives her a pat on the shoulder and makes his way through the house, to find his dear friend lying on his side on a futon. When he rolls him on his back he sees what Kāihuā meant by him been covered in cuts. All of his face down to the tops of his bests protruding out of the sheet are covered in small claw like scratches.

   "Lèguān, I'm here," he whispers.

Taking hold of his tiny hand to see all of his claws are singed at the tips, some even look cracked.

   "What happened?"

The Dreamer rests his head upon his friend's knee and replies, "Nothing I could not handle."

The Black Dragon strokes his friend's face and asks, "You're late aren't you?"

Lèguān nods, wraps his hands around his abdomen and releases a soft moan.

   "I'll find you a secluded pool."

   "Forest... There is one in there."

   "All right, relax I'll sort it, my good friend. Do you have something you can take for your discomfort?"

The Dreamer nods and points his hand to his cloth bag and mutters, "Tea."

Yagan jae, uses his abilities to bring it off the table to his hand, opens it and begins to carefully remove crystals until he finds a small light green bundle.

"Tea," whispers Lèguān.

   "I'm on it," replies the Black Dragon, gently laying his friend back down on to the futon.

He then trots out of the room, back to the kitchen and asks, "Warm water?"

   "Yes," replies Kāihuā, handing him a pot.

   "Thank you, this will help to calm his pouch. Could you take it to him, I'm just going to ask the Forest God to tell me where the pool is. Don't worry I'll be back."

The young lady gives him a nod, she watches him walk out of the house, she then gives the nice smelling tea a stir before taking it to the Dreamer.


Yagan jae quickly makes his way in to the forest, he looks up at the trees and asks, "Please could you show me to the isolated pool? Lèguān is in need of it urgently."


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