The mysterious towers

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The investigation

Xià yǔ is making his way down to the tower which lies near the east cost with a tray of tea and a bowl rice, after one of his brothers had informed him he had seen a Dreamer there. The Snow Dragon finds the route down a bit tricky and has to unfold his wings to keep himself upright with some of slopes being just made of loss sand. In the end he results in using his abilities to float down and he soon begins to hear a lovely slightly feminine voice, speaking in the old language coming from within.

Xià yǔ makes his way over to the slightly open doorway, peers inside to see the Dreamer is crouched by a stone table which is covered in scrolls and he appears to be staring at a map of the towers.

The Snow Dragon clears his throat to get the god's attention, before he says in a soft voice, "I have brought you some tea and something to eat."

The Dreamer just realises a grunt.

Xià yǔ carries on across the hallway of the tower which has been beautifully decorated with flowers and birds of which he has never seen before. He uses his abilities to gently move some of the scrolls to one side, so he can set the tray down and this is when he notices the map the god is holding is of the entire layout of towers.

   "That's beautiful," he says, pointing a hand towards it.

   "Thank you."

Now the Snow Dragon is unsure if the Dreamer is thinking him for what he has brought or for what he has said, so he decides to ask, "You drew this?"


Xià yǔ goes on to pour him a cup of tea and says, "Well you certainly have an eye for detail."

He is surprised to get a reaction out of him, the Dreamer starts to laugh and replies, "You could say that. However, we do tend to have very sharp eyesight."

   "I could not agree with you more. So I take it you are trying to work it out which towers will be lost when the gate closes?"

   "Yes. And sadly this one we are standing in will be gone. Tell me is Yagan jae here?"

   "Yes, would you like me to get him for you?"

   "Tell him three Soul Drinkers will rise," says the Dreamer, taking the cup from the tray and has a sip. "Nice, thank you."

The Snow Dragon performs a shallow bow and replies, "You're welcome," he then walks out of the tower and takes off.


Yagan jae is waiting in the centre of the forest for his daughter to arrive along with Lèguān, he sees them come floating down to land on the ground without making a sound.

Ilmol jangm throws out her arms and says, "Father."

   "My dear daughter, Lèguān it is good to see you old friend."

   "It is always good to see you. I take it Liúxīng and Bīng fēng are already here?"

   "Yes, they are looking around the tower dead ahead of us, along with your mother and aunty Dalbich."

The Ancient Dreamer giggles and replies, "I like to hear Yuèguāng in your language. You can just call him Yuèqiú (moon), if that is easer?"

Yagan jae smiles and repeats, "Yuèqiú, I like it, as his chest is as round as a full moon."

   "Hey study on, that's my aunty you're talking about."

   "Forgive me old friend."

Then they all hear from above, "Yagan jae."

   "Xià yǔ, by dear boy, is everything all right?"

   "There is a Dreamer asking for you, he told me to say to you three Soul Drinkers will rise. I do not understand, what he means by that. I take it you do?"

The Black Dragon nods and replies, "It is from a scroll I wrote a long time ago before I had children. It was when Dampa and I were together. I had a strong vision in which I saw myself and Dampa standing along side three Soul Drinkers. One looked Asian...however the other two I have no idea where they were from. They were both dressed in very strange clothing. One had jet black wavy hair, and the other, it was almost the colour of sand with streaks like the sun. It too was wavy and curly. The Asian one turned in to a blinding white light and one with the black wavy hair, turned into a mass of black mist ,with purple mist of waves moving across it. They stood on either side of the one with sandy coloured hair, who said I am neutral. I stand between the light and the dark. Together we will rise when the great darkness threatens this fragile world again. Then as the vision was coming to an end I heard him whisper a name Shǒuwèi. They were Soul Drinkers, because the moment I described their eyes to you my old friend you knew straight away."

Lèguān nods and replies, "Yes, the moment you said, they were blue as blue as the ocean I was like, why are you having a visions of Soul Drinkers? To which you had no idea. It is obvious the future was warning you two ancients will rise to help them defeat the darkness. It is a shame we are going to have to wait a long time for them to arrive."

Ilmol jangm folds her arms and asks, "Father, why did you not tell us, your children about this vision?"

   "Because I have never been able to make much sense of it. I mean why did two of them change form?"

   "They are sadly partly in the other realm," comes a voice from behind.

Yagan jae turns around, he crouches down and says, "Rúyì, it is good to see you. I take it from that you have found something out?"


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