The Mystery Girl and Insecure Boy

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Chapter 46


“Has anyone gone to visit Bo since Monday?” Madeline asks, playing with her straight blonde hair. Her brown eyes shoot around the room to look at all of us as we all shake our heads, “What friends you are,” She mumbles, biting into her toast that Mason had just put in front of her.

“I would go but I’m busy looking for information on Adam,” Mason sits next to me at the dining table.

“So whatever happened with that guy? And stop being vague about it or I will end all of you,” Maddie rests her head on her chin and taps her cheek with her freshly manicured nail.

“Literally, he found a plant that Bo’s evil twin planted, that’s it,” She rolls her eyes, holding up three fingers, “Read between the lines.”

It took me a second to understand but when I did, Mason and Adrian had already understood the insult and reacted to it.

Madeline finishes her bread and puts the plate in the sink, “Mom and Dad are coming home today, so you should let Martina know that this place needs to be spotless or else Dad is gonna be upset.”

“Whatever, go upstairs ass kisser,” Maddie rolls her eyes and actually flips Mason off this time before going upstairs to her room. I’m shocked by her sudden change of mood. Maybe it’s because her parents are finally coming home after being gone for so long, even for Christmas.

“So what are your plans for today?” Adrian pats my shoulder to get my attention back on them.

“I don’t even know, I’m so wrapped up in all of Bo’s business that I don’t know what my next step is,” They both nod in agreement, “Like I don’t know if I should go and find Bo’s sister and talk to her, talk to Bo and tell her about her twin, talk to Adam and find out what he knows, go back to the library and see if I can find any more information on Bo’s mom and see if I can find where she is now, like I just don’t know.”

“Those all sound like next steps,” Mason raises an eyebrow at me, “You know what I can try to make that list shorter? Running an old photo of Bo’s mom through a face recognition software and see if I can find a picture of anyone who looks remotely like her now.”

“Will that work?” Adrian questions Mason’s idea and I shrug, waiting for Mason to shoot something sarcastic his way.

Instead, he answers with a simple, “I don’t know,” Accompanied with a shrug.

“Alright, assignments everyone,” Mason points at each of us as he lists off what we have to do,“I’ll go upstairs and search for Bo’s mother’s whereabouts, since Adrian hates his guts, Lukas, you’re going to Adam’s house, and Adrian, I want you to go to every motel or hotel in the city and ask around for Bo’s sister.”

“I have a picture of Bo on my phone so I’m way ahead of the game.” I furrow my eyebrows at him and I can tell he’s just realized he fucked up, “‘Why do you have a photo of Bo?’ you may ask. Well, to answer the question, Bo and I have taken a few photos together, so, mind your own business.” Adrian grabs his truck keys and runs out of the house.

Mason and I look at each other suspiciously and I feel the tinge of jealousy sting my chest, “Do you need to borrow one of my cars?” Mason asks, leading me downstairs to their garage.

“I was gonna say I could take the bus but if you trust me that much.” I shrug and take one of the key rings off the wall. I press the unlock button and his GranTurismo convertible’s locks pop, “Now that’s a nice car,” I say, still mesmerized by every single beautiful car in this garage. No matter the number of times I’ve been in here, these cars never cease to amaze me.

“Remember the rules, no eating or drinking in the car, no crashing, scratching, or lightly bumping the car, make sure after every time you get out that the car is completely closed and locked, and also, please Lukas, for the love of God, don’t get pulled over.”

“Of course not, you know me! Captain Lukas, safest driver in all the country.”

“That makes me trust you even less,” I can’t help but roll my eyes at his sarcastic tone as I walk towards the car, “Just, just be careful with her. She’s my favorite.”

“Stop worrying Mason; I got this,” I hop into the driver’s seat and the engine purrs to life once I twist the key in the ignition.

“I think I’ve changed my mind!” Mason tells after I leave the garage, “Lukas! I changed my mind!” I see him having a mental breakdown in the rearview mirror and I chuckle.

I turn the knob on the radio to turn up the music and blast the Hip-Hop-R&B station. The wind blowing through my hair as I drive is a freeing feeling. A relaxing feeling.

I stop to get food from Back Alley Burger before turning into Bo’s apartment complex. The greasy bag sits on my lap so I don’t make a mess on the leather seats of the car. The heat coming from the burgers burn the skin off my thighs and the second I shut off the car and close the roof, I remove the bag from my legs.

I approach Bo’s apartment and knock on her door, her new officer opens the door and lets me into the house.

“What’s in the bag?” She asks taking the plastic bag from me.

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