The royal teenage rouge

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Chapter 1- Jordan's POV

I was stupid for getting cought.

I was walking home from a guys apartment, who thought I was 22 and I had managed to grab a crisp $20 note whilst sneeking out. I was walking down the cement streets tripping ocasionaly on uneven joins in the pavement I was hungover and I was wearing 9 inch stilletoes and a black dress with spaghetti straps which clung to my toned and elegent frame down to my mid thighs. The cold gusts of wind blew my brunnete hair over my shoulders and dried my hazel eyes and chilled my lightly tanned skin. Because of my hangover my senses where weakened. I saw a tall muscular man and short muscular woman exit a alley on the other side of the street and I saw them cross the early morning empty road. It wasn't until I felt a hand cover my mouth with a cloth and an arm drag me into the alley next to me that I smelt them...They where two of the council's soilders. I was screwed.

I wiggled trying to get free when the middle aged man, who was currently holding a cloth doused in chloroform over my mouth, brought his head from the top of his 6'4" frame down to the ear of my 5'11" one and wispered,

 "just give up I've had a tough week and I don't  punch a teenager in the face,but I can always ask Lou to do it" he said pointing his finger at the 5'3" woman, who was hard to see through my clouding vision, she was waving her tan skined hand at me whilst smiling sadisticly. And that's when it all went black.

Darcy Race

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Story about: werewolf, alpha, highschool

Edited: 20.12.2018

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