The secret in the forest

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The dark forest (1)

Once upon a time when Fedor Hermes Ísycha was in his twenties, he made an interesting discovery which no one, not even his family knew about. It all began on a lovely spring morning Fedor awoke early, he got washed and dressed. Then heads back to his bedroom to pack a small cloth bag with herb bundles to help his breathing. A pouch of crystals and a small book of incantations before he heads outside.

   “And where are you off to, my dear boy?” comes a voice from the back garden.

Fedor pushes open the gate to see it is his mother who is hanging out some washing and replies, “Morning, I am just going for a walk before breakfast.”

   Titan Prometheus Apollo adopted Fedor when he was nineteen years old; after his own mother had past away and one day his father just kicked him out of the family home. With no other family he could turn to Fedor walked for two days in the baking hot sun to reach Titan’s village. He knew even then that Fedor was a powerful Soul Drinker he just did not know why.

   “Oh not hungry I see.”

   “No mother. I think I am still full from last nights meal.”

Titan laughs and says, “Clarence sure knows how to lay on a good feast.”

   “Too right mother.”

   “All right my dear son. Go and burn up an appetite.”

They both laugh and give each other a hug before Fedor heads out of the garden.

He decides to head up to the top of the hills; so he can see over most of the small village and decides to take a stroll through the forest that lay a few miles a way towards the west.

   This forest was old and dark, because barely any light could penetrate through the thick canopy. It was a place where no mortals dared entered because they found it spooky the way the old trees creaked and moan in the wind. Some even spoke of seeing strange glowing creatures that left a trail of sparkles behind as they flew about.

Fedor has no emotions, even though his mother taught him what they were; he has no concept of fear and why people found the old forest to be so scary, when there is nothing there to be afraid of.

   “Some mortals really do allow their imaginations to get the better of them,” he says, whilst looking around.

The wind comes blowing through the trees. The young Soul Drinker giggles and starts to act afraid, “Ooh this place gives me the creeps,” wrapping his arms around his body. “I should not go any further.”

Then he starts to laugh and caries on making his way through the forest, however the damp air starts to get to his chest and he begins to cough.

Fedor takes a rest on a bolder, removes one of the small herb bundles from his bag; gives it a little crush before holding it up to his nose and soon his breathing is back to normal. He is about to set off when he notices to his left what looks like a small stone step sitting partly out of the dark soil. Then he notices it is not alone for there are more, leading up a small hill.

   “I wonder where they go,” he mutters and decides to follow them.

The young Soul Drinker soon finds himself in another part of the forest where he can see shafts of light raining down. One of which seems to be shining upon a door.


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Story about: short novel, crystals and spells

Edited: 09.01.2020

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