The Shadow's Light

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Christine's POV

I am my phone texting Calvin about how he is right now. He is doing so much better than the last time I saw him. Before, he wouldn’t bother trying to tell me what was happening. But now, it seems that he couldn’t stop.

When we last contacted each other it was when he was still with Diane. Diane was his ex-fiancé that died last year. But she doesn’t deserve to make my brother be so sad from her death. She was just a good for nothing cheater. I even tried telling Calvin at the time but he didn’t listen to me.

I knew this because I was able to get into her phone and found all the texts about her sleeping with another person or ’Boy toy 1#’ as she called him.

She even had the audacity to get pregnant with ’Boy toy 1#’ while Calvin and she were still dating. He was gullible to believe all of her lies she told him.

And how do I know about the child’s father? Well, Diane got shot by ’Boy toy #1’ in front of a jewellery store. And ’Boy toy 1#’s real name was Anthony Washington. When she died on the way to the hospital she had an autopsy done and it was discovered that she had his semen in her panties and inside her rectum. Meaning, that she slept with him during the same week she died

And Anthony got arrested and was sent to court a week later. During his case, he was given and a life sentence for manslaughter. I hope that scum rots for how he kept boasting about Diane in front of Calvin during his case. He even had the audacity to laugh during the case.

I’m just glad that my brother was able to move on.

Stan left his phone on the coffee table because he was cooking us dinner in the kitchen. As I was texting Calvin, Stan’s phone started to ring. Then, a text message popped up. At first, I didn’t think much of it at the time. But then I saw who texted him.

When I saw that the text was from one of my best friends Jessica I was shocked. I didn’t even know that my fiance and my best friend knew each other. It was kind of odd that they wouldn’t let me know. If they were texting I really wouldn’t have minded but I just don’t know why either of them didn’t just let me know.

I swiped right and entered his passcode. Stan and I gave each other our phone password after two months because we thought we’ll need it for emergencies purposes.

When I went to iMessage to find Jessica’s thread. What I didn’t expect to find messages between each other for about two months. And the worst was that it was they were mostly about me and about some sort of secret revolving around me

Here’s an example:

Stan: I think you should tell Christine right now. If she finds out about what we’ve been hiding she’ll hate me and this will be because of you.

Jessica: Do you really think that it’s easy to keep this kind of secret from my best friend?!? I have my head filled with what she’ll do if I tell her.

Jessica: I know things look bad right now. But, I’ll tell her I promise. I’m just not ready to tell her at the moment. Besides, I’ll take the blame for our stupid mistake. If it doesn’t go well and even hate me forever then you can blame me.

Stan: You better tell her. I really wish I could tell her but I kept our promise. So you’re safe, for now.

Jessica: Thank you so much. And soon I’ll give you a treat. Let’s meet in the mall next Sunday ;)

That last message was sent just a week ago. At the time I went to church and Stan said that he had to go to the mall so that he can go shopping.

I didn’t want to jump into any conclusions so I got up to ask Stan what was going on between them.

"Stan, why are you getting messages from Jessica about a secret from me?"

Stan stopped chopping the vegetables and gave me a look of confusion before he realized what I was actually talking about.

"Christine I’m sorry, but I promised Jessica that I wouldn’t tell you. And I meant it. If you want to find out then ask Jessica,"

I was really sceptical about Stan’s answer. On one hand, I do want to trust Stan. But on the other hand, we’ve only been together for just over three months and when it came to having a relationship we have moved quite fast. And, I’ve had old friends and workmates who’ve had boyfriends, even husbands who cheated on them.

"Are you c-cheating on me?" I asked with a small voice. I didn’t want to believe that Stan and Jessica have been sleeping together. Even though Jessica is very promiscuous. I just hope that this wasn’t the case at all. My eyes were already collecting tears just thinking if it was true.

If Stan left me because he fell for my best friend instead of me. I don’t think I’ll be able to handle that at all.

Stan gave me an angry look. If looks could kill, I would’ve been incinerated then and there.

"Look, Christine, I know that you cannot trust me at the moment but the fact that you think that I’m cheating on you is crazy.

Before I met you I wasn’t attracted to anyone. For fifteen years I thought that I was asexual because of it. But when I saw you I was at awe and you took my breath away that night.

I will NEVER be attracted to anyone that is not you. Especially your best friend. It’s just that we are hiding a secret but I can’t tell you what it is.

I promise that I’m not cheating on you with Jessica. However, if you want to know she’ll have to be the one to tell. I’m sorry."


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