The Shadow's Light

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Calvin's POV

Today, I am nervous. I am going into a confessional booth to admit my wrongdoings towards my little sister Christine. I know I promised Stan and Jessica that I would keep this to myself, but I can't be able to hide this secret for long, especially knowing that I haven't repented. I stepped inside the confessional and got onto my knees.

"Oh forgive father, for I have sinned," It was weird letting this secret between Stan, Jessica and I outside. But, the betrayal towards my little sister and it has haunted me since. I want to let it out. 

"You may speak when you need to, my child," The pastor's voice just seemed to make things worse. I didn't want anyone to find out about this, but it feels so wrong not to let it out. But I needed to let this out; otherwise, I will tell Christine and ruin her relationship.

"Father, I have lied to my little sister Christine for almost two months. I have kept a secret with her friend Jessica and her fiance Stan. And ever since then, I always feel guilty just thinking about it. My little sister means the world to me and knowing that I am hiding this secret from her makes me want to puke.

Her fiance has been lying to her from the start. He is not what she thinks he is, and it hurts me to know his true self is hiding from her. They both love each other very much, Pastor. But if this keeps going on like this, then their beautiful relationship might come to an end,"

"Would you like to say more, my child?"

There was one other thing that I wanted to confess, but I think that would be acknowledged another time. This secret was one that I would never want to admit to ANYONE. It feels so unholy to even think about what happened while I am inside the church.

"No, I think that is all. Thank you, pastor, and may God bless you," I got out of the confessional booth and out of the church as soon as I could. It felt good to release some of the lies, and I don't even regret confessing. However, the guilt is still there.

Christine and I have been close since we were children. Even though we didn't have the best brother-sister relationship, we still stuck for each other when we needed to. Stan is the brother I never had. We both have similar interests, and it seems that he loves Christine (Even though he got her pregnant).

That is until I saw what Stan did with Jessica. Christine is my little sister, and she doesn't deserve not knowing the truth.

When I found out about this, I was furious. How could Stan and Jessica do that behind Christine's back? How can Stan and Jessica hide this from Christine, pretend that nothing happened and go on with their daily lives?

However, I had to understand that this had to be kept a secret for the good of Christine.

Christine and Stan's relationship was one I've never seen before. The fact that they meet in a club intoxicated still confuses me to this day.

What also confused me was that after a month of dating, they had already moved in together. And a few days before that, Stan proposed to Christine and she said yes. Not even an idiot wouldn't think that their relationship was going too fast.

But I have also been through a horrible relationship, and I don't want her to go through the same path I did.

Diane. She was what I thought my one and only. We both met at my workplace, and from there, it was history. But she was cheating on someone behind my back with a man she was with for more than three years, and she got pregnant.

But I didn't care; I didn't know about her other partner. And I thought that was in love with her. So I proposed to her and was prepared to be a happy husband.

When she told me that she was pregnant, I was overjoyed. Being a father was something that I have always dreamed of being. Especially having a son called Adam. But my parents and Christine did not approve of Diane; they all warned me about her and her behaviour. I didn't care, though; I loved her.

But, a few weeks later, she died. Turns out that the guy she cheated on me with the shooter that killed her. When I got the news of her death, it broke me.

I remember asking the doctor to operate the autopsy on her, desperate for answers. I then found out that the fetus' DNA didn't match mine.

I had to learn the hard way that she not only cheated on me, but she wanted me to raise a child that wasn't even mine.

What hurt, even more, was the scandals.

CEO Calvin Gyamfi, owner of Danials Corporations, caught in bed with a subordinate.

Dominating CEO in power takes advantage of a female employee.

All of which were not true. But I had more then fifty employees leave the company because of the scrutiny. I completely understood their positions. But what I didn't expect was for Christine to stop talking to me when I was still with Diane. Looking back, I am sure that Diane had something to do with it, but it doesn't matter.

I love my little sister. I was there for her when she needed me the most. But, she was never there for me. I don't care about what she did to me, but I am warning Christine. Stan doesn't and couldn't deserve Christine. However, my little sister is stubborn; once she wanted something, she always got it.

But if she wants to be with Stan, Jessica better tell her the truth about him. 

Or I will.


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