The Stardust in Siya Nanda's Life

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He looked around to see the place properly. I kept looking at him, contemplating on asking him why he brought me here.

“Can I ask you something?” I said. I could not hold it any longer.

“Sure, go ahead!” Sivan said, looking directly at me. I took a moment and said:

“This café is a place where guys take girls who are their girlfriends; so I was thinking why are we here?” I asked him in one breath. Better to let it out than to keep it in.

“Because you are my girlfriend.” He said, nonchalantly.

“I am?” I asked with wide eyes.

“Wait, you didn’t know?” he asked in surprise. I looked at him in confusion. I couldn’t believe what he said.

“Maybe because you never told!” I snapped in defence.

Sivan rose up from his chair to stand near me. He offered me his hand and I took it.

“Without any confusion, this time in words and not imagination; I want you to be my girlfriend Siya. You up for this?” he asked with a sweet smile.

“Always” I replied.

“Can I have this dance?” he asked me.

“Always” I said happily.

“Like I said, you have the talent for saying the same things again and again.” He smiled sweetly.

We danced to the song of the local band, his hands on my waist and mine on his chest. He was a foot taller than me which made us both laugh. The slow rhythm of the song filled our hearts. We were smiling like fools.

This is my dream, yeah

You stand with me, you’re so fine

And Baby if I am a fool,

It’s just for you

Sivan nodded in agreement with the lyrics. I laughed.

You make my world go round

You shine like a sun on the ground

What would I be if you aren’t around?

Our souls, they are bound!

Sivan looked at me smiling, I smiled wide. It is never easy to hide your smile, I learnt that. The band stopped playing after the song and announced:

“The last song, if I am a fool, was dedicated to Siya by Sivan. He wrote it himself, everyone!”

The crowd started clapping in applause at us. Sivan blushed and squeezed my hand. As for me, I thought my fairy godmother had swirled the wand to turn my dreams to reality.

Suman Bhardwaj

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Story about: young romance, secrets, humour

Edited: 02.02.2019

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