The Tale We Lived

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Chapter 4

“Carina, how are they supposed to take my rules seriously when my own friends are breaking them?” Naya inquired, pointing at the large duffel bag that Carina had carried up the hill to the Bardot.


“This has many important things in it for everyone, nothing useless.”


“Oh my God, it really is haunting isn’t it?” Huda commented, shuddering as she peered up at the wind-torn house that rattled and shook as if it was about to be blown off its roots by the wind at any moment, “Maybe if I had gotten a good look at it first, I could’ve reconsidered coming?”


“You seriously would have done that? That’s not very bad and bold and gangster of you, is it?”


“Carina, you shouldn’t force this idea of lying on her.” Syren scolded lightly from beneath her collar.


She tugged at her baggy grey coat which, complimented with her whitish hair and silver boots, made her look like one big cloud. 


“When are they coming?” Bren cried, pacing around the yard, a branch in his hand that he poked at the weeds with, “They have no respect for our time, do they?”


There was a rattle from behind them that caused them all to jump, scream and scramble until they were huddled together on the other side of the yard, facing the house this time. It's naked, maple claws danced out at them tauntingly.


“And what have we here?” A voice called out to them from the bushes behind, making them spin back around, turning their backs once more to the house.


“You really don’t have to be here, you know.” Elaric laughed lightly, appearing in the clearing in his signature black shades that he took his time removing from his eyes.


He swung his silky, brown hair out of his eyes and observed the house critically. Following behind him was Percy, as well as—


“Robin Ceeine, he’s the one who just broke up with Anastasia, the supposed snob I was telling you about.” Carina hurriedly whispered to Huda.


He shivered and shifted from foot to foot, squinting through his narrow eyes at the house, while the rest of his face was hidden behind a thick scarf. Something about the way he carried himself had always been so childlike to Carina that it was almost laughable to think that he had been with someone like Ana.


“He seems okay, doesn’t seem too upset.” Syren whispered while Elaric rambled on about how not-scared he was for the night.


“Well, you should never feel certain about that. People can really hide what they’re feeling, believe me, I know all about that now.” Naya quickly put in her two cents before clapping and marching up-to Elaric.


“Let me go over the rules for the night—“


“No, God, no!” he cried, covering his ears, “We fucking get it already.”


“Elaric speaks a truth. These are odd times we live in.” 


“Oh no.” Syren groaned.


And sure enough, Ella’s shiny head of hair poked through the bushes a second later, followed by the rest of her flashy outfit and her four friends— well, perhaps Bryllie didn’t count as that, but she was there, and she was ready— fur boots, bandannas, bracelets, milkshakes and all.


Before anyone could fully appreciate their arrival, there were several loud bangs and thuds behind the bush before it was torn apart altogether, leaving room for a choir of studded leather to rumble through.


“What the fuck?!” Syren spat, pointing at the bush harshly.


“Forget about it bitchface, I’ve had enough of your scoldings.” Stevie warned.


Carina felt her blood boiling as she clung onto Syren to demonstrate her support.


“You,” Naya warned in return, “you ruined our plan. So please don’t make it worse by disrespecting us.”


Carina and her friends waited for a second, but Naya just wiped her hands and turned around to walk back to them.


“Wow Naya.” Bren gasped.


“Shut up!”


“Oh no wonder. You were storing the fury for us.”


After it was made apparent that everyone was there and none of them were going to hear Naya’s rules again, everyone just stood on the yard silently, staring at each other or at the house.


“I think we would be able to rake in a lot more attention if we did more incredible things, so for that, we probably might need to get along.” Bryllie broke the silence, following her statement with a long slurp of her smoothie.


“I think in order to do incredible things, we might need to actually go into the house.” Anastasia replied, not looking at anyone in particular.


“Rumor has it, she hasn’t made eye contact with anyone since the Bellador docked.” Elaric whispered in Naya’s ear.


She clasped her mouth and gasped perhaps a little too excitedly, glancing at her friends with a wild smirk on her face. Naya had a theory that Elaric had been unusually chatty with her all week leading up-to the night, and it had nothing to do with the fact that she was the leader of the parade. 


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