The Tragedy of Man

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Mankind is but forged

In the Creator's semblance;

Most especially, 

He put his heart at midpoint 

To ensure he sees beauty. 



It is a fantastic day in the Kingdom of AGANEY with its bountiful and wise king AGAN who married APA, the most beautiful Enchantress in all of SAFERNA, a most dear ally of Aganey. Moons have turned to years, Aganey flourished in King Agan and Queen Apa's rule. Agan, with his power to heal ensures his subjects are free from greed, hatred and all negativity while Apa uses her magic to take nature under her care, as she is one with it being a white witch.

Their rule is nurtured with love and devotion to each other and to their kingdom. No wonder the citizens of Aganey only have eyes for nature, serenity and beauty other than love that glows at the OMPHALOS, a vine-like statue found at the center of the kingdom.







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Story about: inter-related english tanka

Edited: 14.12.2019

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