The Tragedy of Man

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Beauty is endowment, 

"Come now, dearly beloved!" 

Such verdant foliage 

Bearing dew in the morning 

Near and distant hills yawning. 





The Omphalos was a gift from BATHALA, the Creator of men. He was pleased with Agan since the day he was born because he was the only child from among all kingdoms who was able to manifest his power in the presence of KIDLOM, the gray spirit who turns into light when touched by a powerful entity.

It was the feast of DAGITAB, the goddess of light and twin sister of Kidlom, when all newborns are gathered in the heavens for her blessing. Dagitab marks all newborns with a tattoo-like emblem around their right wrist. Then, Bathala assigns them kingdoms to rule; thus, Aganey for Agan.

The Omphalos has been in Bathala's charge in more than a millenia, waiting for the touch of a pure and powerful one. Kidlom is instrumental in finding the Omphalos' keeper. As is the ritual, she enters the hall and everything turned dark, as soon as the last drop of light disappeared, the infant Agan cried so hard that he levitated and struck Kidlom with a great healing light radiating from his entire body. Then, there was light! Kidlom was pleased. Everyone cheered, then Bathala blessed the infant Agan as the keeper of the Omphalos.


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